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  1. by   gettingbsn2msn
    LPN's are making alot more than I am with my 2.5 years experience. Good for them but times are tough for my family. I make 18/hour. I have been told that NP's only make 45k around here. Sorry, but I can't live on that anymore. Too much responsibility for too little $$. I have been told that is why there are no PA's here. They will not settle for this pay. Could be true because I do not know any PA's. NP's staff the ER most of the time. BUT there is no industry here and everyone is medicaid or the working non insured. I will probably have to move but in the end who takes care of these people?
  2. by   NursKris
    Work on Long Island...Peds acute care in a large hospital I am the only LPN left here. Been here almost 23 years...made a little over $65K last year with minimal OT. Cant wait until I am done with my RN...gonna be a big bump in salary
  3. by   DiDi_623
    I am in chesterfield, VA. I just got my first nursing job. I have zero experience. I was hired 3pm to 11pm shift. I will be making $ 16.50 an hour plus benefits.
  4. by   QTNewbie
    Any LPNs in the Chicago or surrounding areas here? I am a new LPN making $13 an hour on the Med-Surg floor in a rural FL hospital. Moving back home to Chicago sometime next year...curious to what the pay difference may be!!
  5. by   rzyzzy
    New grad LPN with no healthcare experience in Arizona, finally found a job - LTC, part-time PRN $20/hr, no benefits until full time. Glad to have it in this economy...
  6. by   ChristinP
    I live in central Connecticut.
    Last LTC $33.50/hr about a year ago and currently, in a high school at $20.00/hr, and home care is per diem at $30 per patient.
  7. by   wintersantanaRN
    I live in chicago, IL

    I have been a LPN for 4 years and I make $25/hr at a well known Hospital based homecare office as LPN supervisory support and $23/hr when I work long term care.
  8. by   RN/Mom
    I make about 40k per year working in a county facility in Southern CA.
  9. by   eshleman
    I make about 14.50/ hr working in a middle school in southcentral PA. Great scehdule, even greater benefits- only $15/ month! I get paid all year 'round but the downside is it's like working pt because the checks are cut to compensate for not working over the summer. Hoping to switch to a DR office (interview's tomorrow!), where I would be making $17 an hour and working all year long. It would be a nice boost in pay!
  10. by   RobLPN
    After all shift diffs about $30/hr
  11. by   HannahLPN
    I'm not sure who posted that Alberta was the lowest paid province....in NB I'm making 21.83...with benefits, I believe it's 23.87 in the nursing homes no benefits ( casual) and I do believe the casuals in the hospital just took a pay cut if I'm not mistaken...slightly under 20 but they now accrue hours and get benefits after x amount. It's a flat rate, 21.83, all LPN's get paid that straight across the board....I've never heard of anyone making more than that, except as management in some private facilites.

    It's kind of bologna right now, as LPN's are now going to school for two full years and practicing to their full scope. The LPN's without 2 years of school had to go back and further their education or they weren't able to renew their licenses. They widened our scope, then put a wage freeze on. Tell me of any other career, job, profession where you are told " hey, you need to go back to school, your job description is going to increase, but, nope, your pay won't".

    Also, did I mention, PSW's make a couple of dollars less an hour....which is great, ( I mean that, they deserve at least that, I feel it should be more) however, they do not have half the responsibility an LPN has, especially in LTC. But, as it stands now, the psw working along side of me who doesn't get benefits makes 45 cents less an hour than I do.

    So you can see why some LPN's in NB are choosing not to renew their license and work as PSW's....no association dues, less responsibility and not much difference in their pay cheques.
  12. by   Elektra6
    Southern NJ, home health PD, $23 with $1 weekend diff.
  13. by   iwillbanurse08
    Live in CT. Base pay $23.52 I work 2nd shift with a shift differential of $3.60 and $30.81 on weekends...