What does a LPN exactly do? [please read] :]

  1. Im planning on going to school to become an LPN but Im just curious on what they exactly do. I want to work in the maternity ward. Can lpn's do that?

    Thankx. :spin:
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  3. by   SAHMU4IA
    kaiser in SF has LVN's in Post Partum. I dont know about other States.
    What we do exactly? The scope of practice is different state to state.
  4. by   kstec
    Definitely check with each hospital around you to find out first and foremost if they'll even hire you as a LPN. Where I live there are no LPN's unless they've been there since the beginning of time. Our hospitals did a complete fade out. If you want to work with babies you'll probably need your RN. As a LPN you can work in nursing homes, some homecare, doctors offices and that's about it, atleast where I live. Good luck in whatever you choose, but definitely do some research before you get your heart set on a certain area and find out after graduation they won't hire you.
  5. by   Fiona59
    Like the others have said it all depends on where you work.

    I've worked postpartum and it's a lot more demanding than people think. It's not all cuddling babies. There is a lot of teaching, everything from breast feeding to car seat safety. You're responsible for both mother and babe, plus you get to deal with grandparents and spouses/partners or as one patient put it "he's the sperm donor".

    Depending on your area and it's birth rate you can be run off your feet at times and with the short stays (usually home in 24 hours) it's a lot of work in each shift.

    We assessed and admitted the babe from the case room to the post partum floor. Assessed, medicated, and educated Mum (both section and vag deliveries).
  6. by   rizza
    Ive been to western anaheim hospital where LVNs worked in post partum, But not in L&D.
  7. by   kat7ap
    I'm an LPN in a Mother Baby Unit at a hospital that readily employs LPN's. We work side by side the RN's with a couple limitations in our scope of practice.

    I usually have 3-4 mother baby couplets, vaginal and c-section patients. I'm responsible for complete assessments of both mom and baby, Mom's IV's and meds, providing breast feeding help and support, providing interventions for anything out of normal range, TONS of patient teaching, discharging, and running around getting my patients what they need. We have 2 techs on our floor for about 28 rooms, so we usually are doing total care.

    However I cannot do intial assessments, push IV narcotics, hang blood, or take really acute patients like those who had post partum hemorrhage or are on magnesium sulfate.

    It's very busy, but usually a very rewarding job. 95% of the time it is a joyful experience for my patients and family, so it's nice to be involved in that.
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  8. by   code50
    the duties really vary from state to state and often from one hospital to another. you are so young, why not reconsider and go right for your rn. the schooling is a little longer, but so worth it in the end. i promise you will not regret it! i have been an lpn for 21yrs. i returned to school for my rn & 3mos. before i was to begin clinicals i suffered a back injury. bottom line........
    i never completed my education, have not been able to return to work. if i had my rn i would have many more options available to me at this time since i can
    no longer work in a hospital. go for it!!!!