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We read so many posts from frustrated LPNs feeling that we are not valued, not really nurses, etc... What I would like to know from viewers is what do you LIKE about being an LPN/LVN? I like... Read More

  1. by   karen2
    Quote from pagandeva2000
    I can say another thing I like about being an LPN...just received a call for another assignment with the US Army for tomorrow and Saturday as a vaccination nurse. They are putting us up in a hotel for two days, even though it is about an hour from where I reside, and the pay for these two days will be $800, plus I had another assignment with them last week and made $240 for that day. I get to see gorgeous men, slum in a hotel with some silly friends and get paid. Wish this was my REGULAR job though... :0)
    Splendid! I agree not bad at all for a regular job:smiletea2:
  2. by   MedicalLPN
    I love the fact that each night I work I learn something new about disease processes, meds, procedures, etc. I love the fact that I get to take care of people. I love being able to hold the hand of dying person to comfort them. I love being able to make my patients laugh and to help them feel better. I love it when I'm able to notice a change in my patient's condition and able to intervene and keep them from dying or getting sicker. Most of all I love the nights when I feel like I actually made a difference.
  3. by   lil' girl
    Walking into work and having my residents saying "I'm glad you are here".
  4. by   sharona97
    Quote from lil' girl
    Walking into work and having my residents saying "I'm glad you are here".
    Very Cool.
  5. by   shoegirl28
    I love taking care of patient's, good bedside nursing. Caring.
  6. by   Lisa1203
    Quote from pagandeva2000
    We read so many posts from frustrated LPNs feeling that we are not valued, not really nurses, etc...

    What I would like to know from viewers is what do you LIKE about being an LPN/LVN?

    (the word nurse is capitalized because yes, we ARE nurses as well).
    I think an LPN education is one of the best & most overlooked options for both men & women - young & not so young. I spent a ton of money on a bachelors degree in psychology & later in life (age 35) went to get my LPN schooling & guess which one I use to earn money. ( I went the LPN route over the RN route because in my area even a 2 year RN degree could easily take 3 or 4 years & because I was literally running out of time to have more children - the 1 year LPN program enabled me to become a nurse quickly.)
    It was the best decision I ever made. There are ALWAYS jobs available for LPN's in my area - even in a recession. I have a GREAT homecare case with hours that work very well for a mom of 2 young children - & the thing I NEED to mention is that this case is ONLY for LPN's - not an RN. It's too easy - they won't pay for an RN to do it. Now that may not sound very ambitious - but honestly - the main concern in my life is my family & as long as I have a job with hours that work well with my family & the money is decent & it's basically stress-free - that's all that really matters right now. & I need to mention I love homecare - the little girl I care for is a doll & the family appreciates me. - Again - this is a case that is ONLY for LPN's - not RN's - the HARDER cases are reserved for RN's & LPN's willing to do the work for an LPN pay.
    Also - if I ever worked in a nursing home - I honestly like the idea of having LESS responsibility.
    Also - Nursing school is grueling at any level - & RN schooling is even harder - so why not steer the young ones into an LPN program & when they are more mature they can get an RN degree if he/she chooses - because many many young people don't make it through RN school - but they may have made it through LPN school. Where I live the public school PAYS for LPN school at a tech school associated with the county.
    LPN - 1 of the most overlooked options out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For many!!
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  7. by   WldChrry
    I love the patient interaction that I have being an LPN. I work at a nursing home, and most of the RN's are in management positions, and have very little interaction with the patients. They come to the floor nurses, LPNs, for information about the patients. With the positions that they hold, they don't really get to know the patients. They are caught up in paperwork, and to me that is not something I want. I like to be able to take a minute and talk with my patients, to give them a hug, make their day a little better. I understand that RNs have different roles at different healthcare facilities, and this is only what I have seen at nursing homes, but I would take the patient interaction over paperwork anyday.
  8. by   teeniebert
    The facility I'm currently working in has RN case managers for each unit. Being an LPN, I can pass on information and know things will get done (meds refilled, doc contacted, etc). At my last job it was the LPN's responsibility to make phone calls, transcribe orders, deal with pharmacy, and write care plans in addition to the med passes and treatments and I found all of that overwhelming. Now I can concentrate on the patients a little more than the phone and paperwork.
  9. by   annlewis
    When did you use excelsior to get your RN?
  10. by   annlewis
    I too like being part of a team, when I was a brand new LPN 2 1/2 years ago it was a comfort to work with the experienced RN on the unit...starting out as a LPN has great advantages and I am glad I did it now even though fellow RN friends tried to get me to sign up for RN Bsn school instead..I feel I have gained a lot of clinical experience and now I help new rn's so now I know it is time for me to go back to school and obtain the RN Bsn and move forward. I think that an RN in a nursing home can find some time away from paperwork to interact more with the residents, it takes good time management skills which we, LPN's certainly have.