New Nurses Trouble with Experienced Nurses

  1. Hello everyone!

    I graduated my program on August 18th. I have recently passed boards and accepted my new job on a Med/Surg floor of a local small hospital.

    I was just wondering if any new nurses are experiencing any trouble from some of the more experienced nurses??

    I know that I am brand new and that I have a lot to learn, but there is also alot that I know. Sometimes i feel that they are trying to trip me up and make me feel stupid. This is especially evident during report. I try very hard all during shift to write myself notes so that i will be prepared for report. But they always seem to ask me some question that either I dont know that answer to or that i have never heard of. I makes the last 20 minutes of a 12 hour shift the worst part of the day.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or comments that may help me make the transition from student nurse to LPN a little more smooth?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   tx esrun
    Congrats on becoming an LVN and getting your first job. I remember my first job as a nurse and was mentoring with an RN who warned me to be careful because nurses are notorious for eating their young. Well....over the years I found that to be true in some cases but not all. My advice....stay close and confident with what you know...don't try to impress or please the ones giving you a hard time. You'll get the experience soon enough and be able to answer those difficult questions they throw your way. Good luck to you!!!!!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I landed my first LVN job at a small nursing home 8 months ago. One of the older, more experienced nurses would purposely ask me complicated questions and then become indignant when I didn't know the answer. However, I observed that she was not asking these questions to other nurses when receiving shoddy reports from them. Some older nurses purposely do things to try to get to your head.

    You need to stand your ground and say something such as, "I'm new at giving reports and you're fully aware of this fact. Please be more respectful." Older nurses can sense and smell a new nurse who lacks the self-confidence to stand up.
  5. by   Sandi0302
    I have had some negative experiences when i was new with "experienced" nurse, all of them were my age. My first job the "older" experienced nurses warned me about what was going on, and then learned from the whole damn building about how much of a backstabbing duo these two girls that were my age were.
    It is common, and eventually it stops. Just watch your back, and learn who your real friends are.
  6. by   PANurseRN1
    Yes, we older, experienced nurses are just a hateful lot. We never help new nurses and we always look for any chance to knock them down a peg. No experienced nurses will ever help a new nurse. It's a rule, you know.

    Conversely, all new nurses are perfect and are never thoughtless to their older colleagues. They are always appreciative and never shy from the opportunity to say something positive about older nurses.
  7. by   lindseylpn
    When they ask you questions you don't know, maybe say something like "I'm still learning, why don't you explain it to me." When they're telling you ask them questions and drag it out as long as possible so, they will be late at starting their work for the shift. Maybe they will start accepting the report you give them so that they can start their work without getting behind. On the other hand though there are some nurses out there that like to constantly remind you of how "smart" they are, this tactic may not work for them. Also, when you are getting report from these nurses give them a taste of their own medicine and ask them as many questions as you can.
    When you've worked for a while you'll know which nurses are going to ask what questions during report and you'll be ready. Some nurses will always try to trip you up no matter how long you've been a nurse. In my experience there has been at least one nurse like this everywhere I've worked. My advice is, don't let it get to you and if things do get to you don't let them see, thats what they want. Just do your job to the best of your ability. I've learned that in this profession you can't take things personally and you have to just shrugg a lot of things off sometimes. The nursing profession attracts some vicious people (I don't know why though, because its all about helping people, go figure) Just do your job, watch your back and keep your head held up high and you'll be fine. Good luck.
  8. by   christymwinn
    You just need to learn which nurses are going to be like that, b/c unfortunaley they never really change. IMHO, I think it is b/c they are either jealous, or they feel "threatened" for some reason. I felt alot of these attitudes when I bridged from LPN to RN and then again when I transferred to ICU. Some nurses made me feel like I should already know everything in the ICU b/c I had been an LPN for 8 years. (well, if I knew everything I wouldn't have had to go to school for the bridge program for one thing). You just have to tell yourself you are a good nurse and not take their attitude to heart!

    Good luck!!
  9. by   AprylLPN
    Thank you all so much for your words of encouragment and suggestions. Last Saturday one this nurses I was supposed to be orientating with called in, so I had to take the cart by myself. I was so nervous, but the charge nurse told me just to try my best and she was there to help me. I started the shift with 10! patients, and ended with 6. Not to sound cocky, but I amazed myself at how well I was able to handle it. I did have some questions, and I had to get other nurses to do my pushes, but all in all I think the day went pretty well. My charge nurse acually said that I was doing an exceptional job, considering this was my first day alone and the amount of volume we had in the hospital that day.

    I am proud of myself and feel much more confident than ever. I am acually starting to feel like a nurse.

    Thanks again to you all for the kind words.
  10. by   PANurseRN1
    Yep, that charge nurse (an experienced nurse) was really nasty to you.
  11. by   blingbling
    Congrats on the new profession...I am not real new anymore..I still get that with some nurses..and right now I work for my SIL and her assist. living and she eats me alive..She is a lpn also..She won't let me do anything but pass meds literally 2 hr med pass 7 days a week..I HATE IT....for now this has to be done for alot of personal reasons..I have noticed when other nurses work together you have some you really make you feel proud to be a nurse and others really doubt your abilities...DON"T even if you are confident in yourself and enjoy your profession..They say nurses eat their own and yep i believe some's very competitive and I haven't figured out why...I do find me "mentor"usually an RN and learn as much as i can and be available to help all when i can.......You have a wonderful career ahead and the sky's the limit........So many differ doors will open if you persue it and gain as much experience as you can from your fellow team..Good luck..:wink2: P.S. I am one of the few who wants to stay and enjoy being a LPN..........I already have a BS in sports medicine..and I LOVE BEING A LPN!!!!!!!!!!!5
  12. by   Darlene K.
    When I used to work M/S, I made up my own report sheets on my computer. I had an outline for everything that I thought I would need to know. Such as:
    Recent labs/studies___, IV __, MD__, Consults__, Dressing changes__ and so on. All I had to do was fill in the blanks. I always held on the these report sheets from shift to shift for quick reference in case I had the patient the next shift.

    I did this so I would be prepared for whatever I thought the on coming nurse would ask me. It worked well for taking report too. I hated being put on the spot and having to go to the chart to try and look up the answer in the midst of report.

    Try to pace yourself so that the last hour of your shift you can prepare for the on coming shift (to tidy up so to speak). Eyeball your patients one last time, glance around their room and so on.

    In my experience, nurses that try to make you look (or feel) stupid, usually will do this to anyone not in "their circle". It's their personality. Don't bother trying to impress them, because you won't. Just have your facts ready for report. If you don't have the answer to one of their questions, if it's that important they can look it up themselves, your shift is over. As you do your walking report, you shouldn't have any surprises because you just checked each room prior to shift change.

    Best of luck to you.