New Nurse, Nursing Home isn't for me.

  1. I graduated in October, Took my boards in November, Started working in December. I have two home cases pediatric which I love. I got three days at a nursing home for experience, I hate it, I have 48 patients it's a lot. I'm starting RN school really soon also, do I really need the nursing home as experience?
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  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    You do need some substantial length of nursing employment history......lot of folks say it is the magic year....

    And then pursue what you wish..

    And I offer best wishes
  4. by   Biyn13
    Thank you
  5. by   nursienurse18
    You do not need the nursing home as experienc3z you just need a certain number of practice hours to qualify for bridging from LPN-RN. If you hate the nursing home, find something else to make up the hours!
  6. by   samwaddell365
    Long Term Care is not for everyone, I personally love it! But that doesn't mean you have to too. I don't know what you RN programs requirements are but most simply require 6months-1 year of LPN experience, it shouldn't matter the setting. There are so many avenues in nursing, get your experience in something you enjoy. Its better for you and your patients if you are doing work that you enjoy. That being said there are LTCs out there that have lower Nurse to Resident Ratios. You might try to find one that is a better fit for you.
  7. by   KCNURSEGUY
    LTC wasn't for me either, I just switched from LTC to home health & hospice and I'm happier and feel like I get to be the kind a nurse I want to be. Don't give up figure out where your home is, I would suggest working for agency pick up in clinics, home health, hospice, out pt surgery centers, that's what I did gave me variety and let me figure out what area of nursing I love.
  8. by   Crystal-Wings
    Can you pick up more home health shifts and quit working in LTC?
  9. by   FutureDNP
    May I ask what state are you in? I plan on starting a transition program asap. I recently passed NCLEX, and I am soooo excited about working. I love the elderly but I do remember nursing homes not being a favorite rotation; however, there were a couple that were very very nice. Maybe try a different nursing home.
  10. by   ms04drip
    Wow! I love LTC, but 48 residents to pass meds, treatments and orders for??? Nope! I'd hate that also! I have 19 residents, LOVE IT!
  11. by   downsouthlaff
    I've been a Charge nurse in LTC for nearly 4 years. It takes time. It's overwhelming at first, but as you adjust to the routine med pass, and documentation it will get easier. The amount of assessment skills and critical thinking skills you pick up in long term care are remarkable. I went from starting out as a brand new nurse in LTC 4 years ago, wondering how I would ever be able to do the job, to being offered by corporate to be my facilities Assistant Director of Nursing Services. Hang in there ! You will get better ! Best of luck.
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