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    Wondering if I can do this.

    Your going to be slow at first, take your time and breath the pt's are not going anywhere. You are learning how to take care of a lot of pt's at one time, your mastering the med cart and tx, phones, assessment skills, ect. It takes time to feel comfortable as a new grad, about 6months - a year to where you feel like OK I got this. I had to write everything down when I started, I took a paper and separated it into 4 sections, accuchecks/linsulin, PRN's, tx, skinchecks/bradens/other assessments. It was my cheat sheet and keep me on task and focused when I first started. Once you learn the routine of residents/pt and develop your own routine things we start to speed up and won't take so long. I would give it some time and try and hone in on your skills, I stayed in ltc rehab for my first 2 years then followed my dream and went to hospice and I love it. If 6months to a year from now you don't think ltc is for you then thats OK also, we all have our own niche areas of nursing we find home. Good luck and go easy on your self the first year is where you will grow and learn the most and you will experience growing pains.

    Male LPNs and LPN job opportunities.

    I'm a male LPN I have never had any issues finding work or being respected as a nurse. I have worked med/surg, dialysis and home health/hospice. Hospice is where I finally found my home and been doing it the past few years. I run into and have worked with lots of male LPN's in my area, you will have great job stability and shouldn't worry.


    I'm a LPN with 2 years of skilled nursing experience and 1 year of Dialysis experience. I recently accepted a full time night position with a hospice company. I wanted to know from some more experienced nurses anything they wish they knew before starting or any tips to offer. Would love to hear from some LPN's as I have not been able to find many posts from LPN's working in hospice. Thanks

    Is this LTC facility trying to take her license?

    Actually in my state joint commission does not oversee or regulate ltc the state board of nursing oversees them I have worked agency and no orientation or training outside of what the agency provides is required to take a assignment in a ltc facility

    Any urgent care LPN's?

    Hello, I have been looking to make a change from the Skilled Rehab unit I currently charge overnights. I have been thinking of trying out Urgent Care sitting while I got back to school and bridge. I was hoping to find out what a typical day is like in urgent care and what are your responsibilities and duties. I prefer lots of pt care and interaction, I heavily use my skill set now and I'm worried I would only be rooming pt. Thanks for any advice or insight you all may have.

    LVN Pocketcard issuance d/c

    It just means you wont get a wallet/purse size id card well any id card to carry stating your a nurse, you can look up a nurses license and status online.

    Lvns working in clinics

    In my area LPN/LVNs are used heavy in specialty clinics such as Dialysis, GI, Dermatology, Plastics, Women Health, Free/Public access clinics and outpatient surgery centers. Homehealth and hospice also heavily use LPN/LVNs

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