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    I'm a LPN with 2 years of skilled nursing experience and 1 year of Dialysis experience. I recently accepted a full time night position with a hospice company. I wanted to know from some more experienced nurses anything they wish they knew before starting or any tips to offer. Would love to hear from some LPN's as I have not been able to find many posts from LPN's working in hospice. Thanks

    Confused about the NPA

    No I don't we went over the parts that pertains to LPN's in my nursing program

    Confused about the NPA

    I'm a LPN - IV cert in MO. To sum it up fast you can't iv push outside of a life saving scenario, we don't hang blood products but can monitor a pt who is receiving blood products, we also are not allowed to access power ports, admin of chemo drugs or medications to neonates or accept neonates as pts. Outside of that it is in our scope, I worked home health and was trained on vents and g buttons. If you have never performed a skill or knowledge about it ask for training and education about the skill. If you have any other questions let me know.

    New Grad LPN first job

    I'm a LPN as well I had 3 weeks of orientation as a new grad working in a rehab. I felt comfortable around 6 months, I have been working almost 2 years and still see and learn new things and ask questions when I see something new. It takes time to get a routine down and get a handle on multitasking. At my facility we have 40 beds and split the facility with 2 nurses on noc shift. You got this take your time, make sure your getting your time sensitive medicaitons and assessments done first. At first you will be late and running around frantically, it all comes with time.

    Is this LTC facility trying to take her license?

    Actually in my state joint commission does not oversee or regulate ltc the state board of nursing oversees them I have worked agency and no orientation or training outside of what the agency provides is required to take a assignment in a ltc facility

    Any urgent care LPN's?

    Hello, I have been looking to make a change from the Skilled Rehab unit I currently charge overnights. I have been thinking of trying out Urgent Care sitting while I got back to school and bridge. I was hoping to find out what a typical day is like in urgent care and what are your responsibilities and duties. I prefer lots of pt care and interaction, I heavily use my skill set now and I'm worried I would only be rooming pt. Thanks for any advice or insight you all may have.

    Living Pretty Nicely

    I have had type 1DM for 30 years, I have a good managment with my blood glucose levels. I workout and eat healthy. I make sure to check my blood sugar before I go in and get report, because it can be a good 4-6hours before I get a chance to sit down. I always keep protein bars, snacks and some juice on me. I tend not to have many issues. The only time I tend to have issues are when a pt crashes and I have to start doing cpr, suctioning, or handle some kind of crisis I tend to bottom out shortly after so I eat a protein bar to prevent the low. Many nurses are diabetics, if you have the desire to be a nurse go for it, dont let your diabetes hold you back.

    License number

    I had mine the next morning, I tested in September checked online and my info came up

    New Nurse, Nursing Home isn't for me.

    LTC wasn't for me either, I just switched from LTC to home health & hospice and I'm happier and feel like I get to be the kind a nurse I want to be. Don't give up figure out where your home is, I would suggest working for agency pick up in clinics, home health, hospice, out pt surgery centers, that's what I did gave me variety and let me figure out what area of nursing I love.

    Advice for a new home health nurse

    Thank you so much never thought about gloves and paper towels, will make sure to have my own stock of basic supplies with me

    Advice for a new home health nurse

    Home health no private duty

    Advice for a new home health nurse

    Thanks for the information and advice, it's greatly appreciated :)

    Advice for a new home health nurse

    Hello, I was starting to experience some burn out and really not enjoying my current setting any longer I decided to make a change. As a nurse I have only worked in short term rehab and a few shift here and there in LTC. I'm a little nervous and was wondering, does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom going into this setting. Even better things I should be aware of as well. I will be mostly working evenings and overnights. Thanks in Advance

    LVN Pocketcard issuance d/c

    It just means you wont get a wallet/purse size id card well any id card to carry stating your a nurse, you can look up a nurses license and status online.

    Lvns working in clinics

    In my area LPN/LVNs are used heavy in specialty clinics such as Dialysis, GI, Dermatology, Plastics, Women Health, Free/Public access clinics and outpatient surgery centers. Homehealth and hospice also heavily use LPN/LVNs