NCLEX was not easy - page 7

I wanted everyones input on whether the nclex was difficult or easy. I passed with 85 questions but let me tell you, no amount of studying prepared me for that test. I walked away swearing I failed.... Read More

  1. by   TeresaB930
    regarding the nclex....did you take the pn or the rn? i am waiting for my appointment to take my pn here in the next few weeks.....also, i was wondering if you took the ati with your program? i was under the impression that the ati testing program is similar to and helps prepare for the nclex. input from anybody would be appreciated!!

    thank you!
  2. by   whiterfoam
    Thanks, Poohbear73. OB & Cancer on the NCLEX? Great. Haven't had a patient involving either in the school clinicals. Well, I'll just hope for a lot of adult pathophys & bariatrics. Turns out my (highly rated) school did lousy on the NCLEX last year. Only 80% of the students passed. And now that I'm studying for it, I find that there are a lot of subject areas in the sample tests that they never touched. Cataracts, for example. Or, the pharm concerning mental illness. And, post-surgical nursing care for various surgeries; and, yes, cancer. Two lectures on the subject does not an expert make. Lots of touchy feely and trying to change our personalities. Felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of controlling Moms. But weak on the practicalities of nursing. But I'll keep hitting the study materials until new stuff stops cropping up. If anybody has suggestions for other things to study, I'd appreciate hearing about it. And, thanks in advance.
  3. by   DarciaMoonz
    My nerves are a mess now after reading about how horrible the questions are. We took the Sandra Smith test, and I I did well on it, but this is not the first time I have heard from people that many of the NCLEX questions have nothing to do with what you learned in school. If I had nails to bite, I would be doing just that right now. I have the springhouse NCLEX cards, an NCLEX review book that came with a disk, but now I don't know if there really is a way to study for the boards!!!