LVN's in DFW....

  1. I am an LVN in Fort Worth and I have a couple of questions for you all:
    1) Where do you work/what type of job?
    2) Are you working towards your RN?
    3) If yes to RN where are you transitioning?

    I am READY to transition!
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  3. by   AdobeRN
    I do pediatric home health and am in the Grayson county College RN program. I will graduate May 07.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I am originally from Southern California, but moved to Fort Worth in late 2005. More specifically, I reside in the North Crowley area.

    1. I do weekend doubles at an upscale nursing home. I work 16 hours on Saturday and 16 hours on Sunday, thereby having 5 days off in a row from Monday through Friday. I use my time off to attend classes at TCC.

    2. Yes, I am working toward my RN license. I completed my first semester of prerequisites during the fall 2006 semester and just started the spring semester 2007 yesterday. Right now I am taking more prerequisites, but I hope to start applying to LVN-to-RN bridge programs by the end of this year.

    3. I am looking to transition at either North Central Texas College, Hill College, Angelo State University, Tarleton State University, Grayson County College, Tyler Junior College, or Paris Junior College.
  5. by   sunflowerLPVN
    newgrad since oct'06,employed as evening charge nurse at upscale assisted living in north dallas,plan to do LVN to BSN program within the next 2-3 yrs while working as an LVN
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    I am a agency nurse in Ft Worth and I am in the process right now of applying to Tarrant County's fast track program at the south campus.