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  1. Mander2

    LVN's in DFW....

    I am an LVN in Fort Worth and I have a couple of questions for you all: 1) Where do you work/what type of job? 2) Are you working towards your RN? 3) If yes to RN where are you transitioning? I am READY to transition! Amanda
  2. Mander2

    Does anyone regret becoming an LPN?

    I have been feeling so frustrated with the limitations placed on me as an LVN. I do not regret the people I met, the education and experience I received as an LVN, however I do wish at times that I had of went straight to RN school while I was going. Now I have to finish prereqs and return to school. In the mean time I am longing for the freedom to work wherever. So I quess my answer is yes and no.
  3. Mander2

    Saginaw, TX info, please!

    HI I live in Saginaw! I would love to know about other nurses in the area! I love the area!!!!! My husband lived here when it was a small farm town, so here we are! I love the area, it is definitely growing. Lake Worth is now booming with stores and restraunts(sp?). Hope you decide to reside here! Also any ideas where an LVN can find a good job? I am currently employed, the job itself is great, but I could do without the politics! =) I left a wonderful floor position after I had my daughter, due to long hours and lack of childcare. So here I am!
  4. Mander2

    kids and being Nurse

    this is just the thread i've needed! i am a new mom of a cutie pie 8 wk girl. until my delivery i was working 7a-7p on a medsurg unit. i took my maternity leave with every intention of returning to my position, however after researching daycare and unable to find one thst would open @0600 for dropoff and pick up @ 2000 (on a good day), as well as being unable to endure the thought of missing 3 entire days a week of my child's life; i decided i must leave the job i enjoyed and go the 8-5 route. thankfully i can do this w/o leaving the hospital i work in. my husband is a firefighter, 24 on and 48 off. we could have easily scheduled my days on his off days, and him keep the baby, but to us our days off together come first. we have always worked the same days as much as possible to give us the max time together. hopefully one day the hospital i work for will provide onsite daycare, so i can return to the 12hr shift. until then i am very happy to do whatever it takes to be available to my family! :balloons: :penguin: ~amanda~ god's kid, wife, mommy, nurse
  5. Mander2

    What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    I am also an LVN in Ft Worth, w/ 10 mths exp and make about that much in a yr working the floor. What type of job do you have? zjust looking for other options in the area! Thanks!
  6. I am a new LVN (graduated 08/05), and recently I began to work in an area of the ER called specifically for admitted pt w/o a bed avilable, so there is a high turnover rate. I have spoke w/ my team leader regarding concerns/fears I have about being able to provide adequate care for the pt. There are ICu/ extremely sick tele pts that come back there, as well as medsurg/trauma. Being new I feel as though I don't have the rolodex of experience and interventions as well as the pathophysio aspect of it! It is very overwhelming!!! Make sure you have the experience (knowledge of interventions) and assessment skills down, and if you enjoy the fast pace you'll love it!! I worked as a tech in the ER, adored it and would do it again, however as a nurse,(at least until I get years under my belt) I don't think it is for me! :) Try it out!!!!! You might love it!!!!
  7. Mander2

    homeless pt's?

    I currently work in the ED of a County Hospital in a good sized city in TX. Therefore, the majority of our pts are either homeless, very broke or an illegal alien. Now after Katrina and the Houston hurricanes, we are the provider of care for all of the evacuees in our county. We constantly encounter those in need of everything. Thankfully we have social workers that will assist them in rx vouchers, bus passes, and getting set up on our "free insurance". Granted even with all of the assistance, I find myself frustratd with the lack of staff at the hospital, the lack of room to put people, but most of all the OVERWHELMING need for assistance! It is very disheartening to constantly see the amount of need there is. However, through continued prayer, I have been able to remain compassionate to the pt we see, and am praying that I never become hardened or cold to those in need, and I can remember to count each and every blessing I have no matter how insignificant. Hang in there, and never let your heart get hardened! Chew a piece of Watermelom Bubbalicious, it'll make all your worries seem far away!
  8. Mander2

    Wearing scrubs in public...

    I am currently a student, however at my clinical site I notice the OR staff in their bonnet, booties, and scrubs walking around outside, in their cars, and at lunch! So................. I am constantly wondering how is THAT appropriate for the OR environment?!?!?!?
  9. Mander2

    Medsurg or Specialty unit?????

    Thanks to all of you for your wisdom and insight!!!!!
  10. I am about 4 months away from graduation from LVN school, and am wondering which is best in everyone's opinion for a 1st job....... Medsurg or specialty? I really am not too excited about medsurg, however I am super excited about Postpartum, wound care clinic, and ER. Do you think I will limit myself if I specialize right out of school? Just something to think about!
  11. While working as an ER Tech we had a pt come to the ER via ambulance for.... A sore throat! Also had a guy present with 3rd degree burns on the back of his legs due to jumping through a fire at a party b/c his friends did it! Good thing they didn't jump from a bridge! A group of 15-16 yos brought in their 13 yo old friend who was extremely intoxicated! They were afraid he was poisoned or something, however we just kept him comfortable while he puked.
  12. Mander2

    Pedi Dosage calculations

    This makes great sense!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!
  13. Mander2

    Pedi Dosage calculations

    I am trying to figure out how to do the pedi dosage calculations..... Problem: Order: atropine 0.5 mg IM Literature: 0.01 mg/kg/dose Weight: 35 lbs Label: atropine 0.15 mg/ml I understand converting lbs to kg as well as d/h x v and how to convert between systems, however I don't understand where to add in everything else!!! HELP!! I have a pass/fail exam next week!