LTC newbie.. CNA's hate me! help!

  1. i just started orienting for a full time 7-3 charge nurse. the charge nurse that was there before got transferred to another facility for a reason i do not know. what i have heard is that they love that nurse and she didn't want to leave. so now it seems like the CNA's hate me because i replaced their charge nurse before. it's like im not welcomed in that station.

    having 47 patients does not help at all. i fell so incompetent and them not respecting me as their charge nurse doesn't make me feel any better. i mean some of my nurses are nice but there's two old ones that don't like me. like today, we readmitted a patient and he was really close to one of the CNA's so we asked her to help us give the meds to the patient. and when i was going to inject something to the patient, the CNA was like "no, <insert previous nurse's name> do it like this, not like that." i was like, omg. im freaking out already cuz i have to do so much stuff, and her criticism is not helping at all.

    help! how do i get them to respect me and to see me as more competent. i felt like crying earlier because i don't know how i can finish everything with so many patients, and my CNA's being witchy and stuff didn't help at all.
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  3. by   lunden
    they need to get over it and you need to let them know that you are not so and so, you are you, and thats that. they have no right, first of all telling you how someone else did something in front of a pt. you should have put her in her place as charge nurse. you are going to have to put your foot down when necessary or they are going to continue to walk all over you
  4. by   wannabenars
    thanks lunden for your reply. i am a witchy person myself, that's why i didn't want to start anything with anybody. the thing is when i open my mouth, i usually say things in a mean way. i don't know how to tell them what's up without starting any disagreements or sounding bossy. i really want to have a nice work environment, where (almost) everybody's getting along and there's no talking behind anyone's back. i want to stay in this job for as long as i can and i don't want to hate going to work because of my coworkers.
  5. by   deleern
    The same thing happened to me, I was the new nurse (RN Charge) every one was very standoffish. But if we were short i came in early and helped get people up. work the cart a few times when we were short. ( its a great way to get to know the residents.) it took a few weeks. But I was paid a huge complement the other day. One of the Old timer nurses 20 years plus. told me that I seemed like one of them already. Try it you will see. Never ask any one to do what you would not do your self.
  6. by   wannabenars
    i would like to help them but i dont think they need help most of the time. they only have 6 patients to take care of. i dont see them busy at all. most of the time they are just hangin out in an empty room, they would close the door and just talk. i have so many things going on with 47 patients that i have to give meds to and the least they can do is be helpful like the other CNA's in the other stations.
  7. by   *Scrubs*
    Whether they NEED the help or something little to help pitch in. No one likes the nurse who is too 'good' to do CNA work. If you show them respect and establish a firm but understanding type of leadership they will in turn respect you. These things take time though. Hang in there!
  8. by   Cherybaby
    I would talk with them. Catch them while they are getting their assignments and be friendly but firm. Tell them beforehand what you expect of them but do it with a smile on your'll sound less "witchy" that way. The one that called you out in front of a patient? I would take her to the side and tell her that you appreciate her wanting to make sure that the patient is cared for properly. However, ask her to save her comments for when they are appropriate, like outside of the patients room. I agree with pitching in a little bit to win them over. But remember, you are the charge nurse. If they are in empty rooms talking, you will need to go down the hall and let them know that while you are not against them taking a small break between rounds, but it is your preference that they relegate it to the break room or quietly in the hall. They may never like you. That is something you are going to have to deal with. Usually, it is because the CNA's are used to doing something a certain way. They don't like to be told how to do their job. This is something you may have to just suck up for awhile until they realize you aren't evil and you aren't trying to replace their beloved nurse. You are only trying to do YOUR job in the most efficient way possible. Let them know you appreciate them by offering compliments on their work. Everyone likes to be noticed for their diligence. Give it a few weeks with a positive attitude. However, if it continues, I would speak to whoever you report to directly, your supervisor and be ready to be armed with specific incidences. Don't just say "they hate me". It will make you sound like you have no ability to interact with staff. Be kind but be firm and don't allow them to walk all over you.

    You will do just all just need to find your common ground and that is doing what is best for your patients first and foremost.
  9. by   suanna
    The surest way to have a smooth running unit and a happy staff is to empower them for quality care and positive change. I'm sure with the amount of experience some of your staff have they have seen good and bad care. Ask them what thier problems are and how you can help solve them. Find out what they see as priorities and help them meet those needs. It dosen't mean you abdicate you responsibilities as a unit leader. If you have issues you need solved- involve your staff in the solution- I'd bet the same problems have been resolved over and over again- Your staff may know great solutions that have worked in the past but have fallen by the wayside. Are your duties overwhelming you?- ask them how the previous manager organized her workload.- You are new at the job, you aren't supposed to be perfect at it yet; don't pretend to be. Become a facilitator not a dictator. Be willing to learn. Even the support staff like housekeeping and unit secretaries have valid opinions that can contribute to better patient care-- ask them to share thier ideas and acknowledge thier importance.
  10. by   NC Girl BSN
    Give them time. They are trying to feel you out. If your a good nurse, they will lighten up and not be so guarded. It happened to me on my unit when I worked in LTC. It didn't take them long to see that I was a great nurse. I work PRN now but we would often joke together about how standoffish they were in the beginning. When I left for the hospital, the whole facility threw me a party. Now they are doing this to the new nurse but they told me that she's a pretty good nurse so they are not gonna be so hard on her.
  11. by   blondnursey
    help them out, everybody will appreciate a nurse that will stop and take somebody off the bedpan or assist to the bathroom. i had a standofffish crew once, but i helped feed at mealtime etc, even if it put me behind. pts first right? lol. i also found that bringing in donuts or snacks on occasion is a good ice the end the were sorry to see me leave (travel nurse)
  12. by   star.crush
    I would say when they do go reward them and let the Cnas know you appreciate all the work they do. I think that would help when I was a Cena it was a nurse that did this every know and then and it means alot. I bet they will start coming around.For example, you can buy them some cookies and juice or something else like every other week or something.
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  13. by   wannabenars
    yea, i was thinking of getting donuts as soon as i get my paycheck. i do appreciate all their help and you guys are right, it gets better. now i only have that nurse that was mean to me to deal with, and most of the time i just ignore her because they said she's like that to everyone. everyone else is cool. im starting to like my job! =) thanks to all the replies.
  14. by   star.crush
    Sounds like a good idea If you need someone to talk to feel free to contact me.
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