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  1. *Scrubs*

    What would you do?

    My gut tells me to call the state and let them conduct a surprise visit! What I would like to see happen is the place to become somewhat civilized... Sadly, I cannot do anything to ruin my career, so I will probably do nothing. I am just ill over it because I consider myself a stand-up kinda girl and what I've seen is WRONG. I am no Mary Poppins by any means but I am a huge advocate for humans- the whole reason I am becoming a nurse and this goes WAY against my beliefs. I mean, if you did clinicals in peds and saw a CHILD abused....would you say something- or ignore you saw anything? It's the same thing.
  2. I'm sorry...what's the question?
  3. *Scrubs*

    What color are your school's scrubs?

    I would not like tan either- not very nurse like....BUT! You totally have the advantage against stains. I hate the fact that my [white] uniform will eventually get dingy and riddled with stains.
  4. *Scrubs*

    What would you do?

    I guess my problem is, I am no newbie to LTC and the crap I saw was down-right barbaric. I kept my post brief, but there were many more incidents - including naked residents with doors wide open-that I did not mention, coherent residents called names to their face. Just because the residents were not physically harmed does not mean they were not abused. I saw complete FEAR in many resident's eyes. I know this stuff goes on.... just feel like- if I witness it- and don't do anything, then I am just as guilty.
  5. *Scrubs*

    What would you do?

    The other day was our first day of clinicals and we had to basically shadow but not do too much. (I have many years of experience in the setting we were in.) What would you do if the person you were shadowing was COMPLETELY unprofessional? I don't think I saw her wash her hands ONCE! She had a complete lack of give a $#!% attitude and was NOT about to hide it. They were short staffed but give me a break!!!! When we mentioned to our instructor one of the MANY comments she made - our instructor made a shocked look like she could not believe it. This person was taking food off of peoples trays and eating it right in the main diningroom!!! In front of the families and nurse! I was taught better than this and it freaked me out. You would think she would AT LEAST PRETEND TO BE PROFESSIONAL in front of the students!!!! So anyhow.....what would you do? Part of me wants to say something. But the other part of me does not want to rock the boat.
  6. *Scrubs*

    nursing school

    I find that if I associate terms to silly things I remember them. Like... in spanish...BOCA means mouth.....so the BROCA area is for SPEECH. That is really the only way I remember stuff...what worries me is I feel like I am regurgitating everything for the tests and holding on to very little! I hope some of it is sticking for the second semester!
  7. *Scrubs*

    Sharing some positive vibes...

    Your partially right- I am four months in- and the cliques are certainly there..... but everyone is cool to each other and gets along. We have one female student to is doing extrememly well, and one could say a know it all...but we all think she rocks and go to her for info. No haters here. Even the instructor commented on how well we get along and can still razz each other. Again.... still putting out the positive vibes.... dispite the negativity.....
  8. Before I started my LPN program I came to these boards A LOT for encouragement and insight to my upcoming endeavor. I read many discouraging posts about how LPN school was like bootcamp, and full of catty females who you needed to watch out for. This may be true of some schools but I am happy to announce that I am thoroughly enjoying my experience. We classmates get along very well and encourage each other. The program is challenging but by far not a living hell. I cannot speak for other schools, but I would like to encourage those of you who are out there worried, like I was. It is not always as discouraging as you may read. {{{{{{{{{{positive vibes}}}}}}}}}}
  9. *Scrubs*

    Is it going to get harder than this

    Not yet but sounds like I have the basics so I am feeling better about it- thanks!
  10. I finally got the math part down, and am happy because it is not my strong suit. We use the formula: 15g : X :: 30mcg : 5 ml (I am making up numbers- they may not compute) I have really gotten good at this....but I fear they will start throwing in more crazy equations. If I have this mastered am I going to be OK or is the worst to come?
  11. *Scrubs*

    So I graduated from my LPN program

    Congrats on graduating!!!! :yeah: :yeah: Why was it so horrible? Do you think the bridge program will be any less difficult? Just wondering.....
  12. *Scrubs*

    Single Parent In Nursing School?!?!?

    You can do it! Kudos to you for continuing your education to make a better life for you and your little one. You rock!
  13. *Scrubs*

    Bad clinical day..

    I was not there- I do not know how rough they were with her- which there is NO excuse for- so telling your instructor is all you can do. LPN students cannot report abuse. As far as not speaking to her while giving care goes, SADLY...it happens. Especially if she is confused, has a history of being combative and is known for not accepting care. I am not saying it is right, but when you care for someone for a long period of time and no matter what you do for them- they fight you or don't know what you are saying- you become fall out of the habit of talking to your patient. I personally had an experience like that when training to be an aide therefore...I always talk to my patients.... I am sorry you had a bad day. It is wonderful that you are so caring that you cried for your patient. The experience will help you remember...and you will be a better nurse for it.
  14. *Scrubs*

    Starting "Boot Camp"- Question ???

    I hear ya...I am taking night classes, and nights are the only time I get to see my husband- so now we are down to just weekends! I hope we adjust! Good luck to you too!!
  15. This is premature for me but I am just curious ..... What is the benefit to waiting to test? My school said that we can test within a few weeks of graduation. Are there people purposely waiting beyond that point just to study for it? Is there anyone who does NOT buy extra books and study for weeks prior? In my personal situation, I want and need to test ASAP after graduation as allowed by the school/ board. Is this going to hinder my chances of passing? Basically, is better to test ASAP or should I wait and study?
  16. Well, I have heard all of the 'horror' stories, LOL. You know~ how LPN school 'ends life as you know it'. How it is like a 'Boot Camp' and you can 'say good bye to your loved ones for a year'. Well I start Monday...so my question for you who have BTDT... Should my DH and I get away this weekend or will I still have time for him on the weekends or something? You guys have me scared. LOL