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blondnursey has 15 years experience and specializes in LTC, SNF, PSYCH, MEDSURG, MR/DD.

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  1. blondnursey

    HELP! the adon stealing out of the med cart?

    stick to your guns my friend....nurses everywhere have your back!
  2. blondnursey

    HELP! the adon stealing out of the med cart?

    how scary to think shes medicating somebodies family............."
  3. blondnursey

    HELP! the adon stealing out of the med cart?

    she does order the meds, which is why a 2 hour med pass takes 4...but you know how it is to follow someone who doesnt put stuff in the cart. she said she offers the staff tylenol from her purse instead of the cart. the real problem seems to be the adon. i told her to tell him to wait till her hands are free & she will stand there while he does his "audit". told her everybody has a boss, just keep going up the chain.....this place is truly awful. even if she has to write down a response on index card and recite it. you guys are great, thanks for all the advice!
  4. blondnursey

    HELP! the adon stealing out of the med cart?

    i did! i sent her a link right to this page..told her how helpfull everyone is here!! thanks for all the advice so far!
  5. hi my friend who is also a lpn, got a new job this week. its a local nursing ho me with a very bad rep. i told her to be careful... well she has called me everyday that she has worked freaking out. seems the adon asked her for lasix 60 out of her cart, he forgot to take his that day. she said no, and he wetn and got it from a different nurse. then the next day he asked for the keys to "audit" the cart &(she was feeding and couldnt get up) then said "oh yeah i gave so and so a vicodin" but the pt showed no sigs of pain relief and vics always make him sleep. the staff asks her for tylenol and aleve from her cart. the nurse she follows doesnt use the mar and half the pills arent there to give anyway,as she doesnt order. to make things worse, several pts have body lice and they only had expired shampoo to use. i told her to call the state. she said she didnt know the number, it wasnt posted anywhere in the building. and she was afraid if the state came in and followed her, and the meds werent there to give she would get in trouble.. she wants to quit, but doenst want the residents to continue to not get their meds & good care they deserve. so my question is what a good reply to the adon when he wants to audit? what to do when the state comes and your meds arent there? what if you are pretty sure the adon took the narc? he is in tight with the don & owner so who else is there to complain too? how do you deal with no meds to give? i have told her i would ask for help on here, she is anxiously awaiting your advice. thanks
  6. blondnursey

    Safety Question - Nurses rights

    i agree that you should have 2 people using the lift with a person of that size...esp if the pt would feel more comfortable that way (hint hint).....
  7. blondnursey

    i feel so guilty..should i have done more?

    nursing is a practice, and thats what it takes. all nurses miss clues & make mistakes. GOOD NURSES learn from the mistakes. dont feel bad and beat yourself up too much. you learned from it, not all nurses do.
  8. blondnursey

    moving to maine for the winter...nuts?

    hello! my boyfriends job is requiring a move to maine, to the northeast of caribou?... what can i expect in the winter? i have a dodge stratus, not exactly good for driving in feet of snow...do i need 4wd? am i nuts for even thinkong of moving there in dec? im from ohio, but i know we dont get snow like that here...any advice would be helpful for the northeast part of the state.... thanks
  9. blondnursey

    i need advice on a pocket guide

    hi i am looking for a pocket guide that has adult & pediatric immunization schedules. can anybody reccomend one? i tried googling for it but didnt find anything for some reason. thanks
  10. blondnursey

    Come to the beach...catch MRSA...

    thats why i wear those cheap water shoes ..............
  11. tell them you are out of there if they cant fix it. THEY WORK FOR YOU TOO NOT JUST THE FACILITY. tell the facility why you are going to be leaving early.
  12. blondnursey

    Elderly patient left on bedpan for days

    omg thats criminal
  13. blondnursey

    Hygiene--HELP PLEASE

    sounds like he could use a check up from the doc, regarding his mental health...does his mom know about this? i am sure others have noticed his hygeine, i would pull out all stops and ask family friends and the doc for advice