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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   sexychocolateLPN
    Georgia: Hosp $14-16, LTC-$16-18 Homehealth$18.50-25.
  2. by   focusedvalpn
    I'm a nurse I was making 22 an hour in a nursing home but left the drama and stress to work in an assisted living for 17 i was making 19 at another assisted living community but i really wanted to work for the other company for the benefits and growth opportunities (free rn and or i could get 5000 down for a house if i work for them for 5 yrs, transfer anywhere pretty much on the east coast, money for school, plus) but i do work for an agency that pays 23+ an hour.
  3. by   focusedvalpn
    any chicago lpns? im thinking of moving there.
  4. by   tanstel
    They pay oklahoma LPNs just like CNA in Maryland. I can't believe that. Will never think of working there
  5. by   Maryvette
    Hi, I live in South Jersey and the rate pay without experience is $19-21.00 an hour average for LTC and hospitals will most likely not hire LPN's. You also have shift and weekend differential in most facilities. Good luck, since jobs during this time, with the nation's economy as it is are hard to find.

  6. by   AshiPanda
    I'm a brand new LPN, still on orientation to a LTC/ALF/Rehabilitation facility in Florida. They started me at $19/hr and said my pay will go up after orientation. I work on the rehabilitation/ventilator unit.
  7. by   katgirl46806
    Hi new LPN grad here in Fort Wayne,IN have 11 years LTC as a CNA anyone knows average starting pay for new Lpn
  8. by   NrsintheFam
    Anyone in the Tampa, FL area know the average pay for a LPN new grad?
  9. by   KBron2000
    Please state where you are talking about.
  10. by   SamiRN
    I work agency.As an LPN in Pittsburgh Pa I make 19-25 an hour. In Daytona Beach Fl I make 22-26 an hour. If I work LTC without going thru the agency its around 18 in Pa and 15 in Fl.
  11. by   tferdaise
    Yes you are correct, LPNs in Tulsa makes between 13-18/hr... I currently work in AZ in a hospital and make 20. I worked agency and made 25/hr. But once I'm done with my RN, I'll be moing to Tulsa and I'll start out making about 22/hr... Here at the hospital I'm working at, new grad RNs make 26, but with my 6 yrs of LPN I was going to start at 28...

    Quote from tanstel
    They pay oklahoma LPNs just like CNA in Maryland. I can't believe that. Will never think of working there
  12. by   KBron2000
    Anyone from North eastern Illinois know the average LTC, DRs office, &/or school nurse wages?
  13. by   Lady-Q
    I'm a new grad from Chicago and I work in a LTC/psych facility (Day 1!) my starting pay is 25/hr w/some benefits but no diff ( I got reeeeeaaalllllly lucky tho). Ive been looking in my area and suburbs and the going pay seems to be 20-23 for new grads and 22-27 for experienced. I dunno what the agencies r going 4.... * disclaimer.. I'm not a salary tracker just a nurse so i could be wrong