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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

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    Phx AZ new grads can expect mid-teens/hr to start in hospital/clinic settings, and ~20/hr in LTC as average.

    -Frank P. Williamson, LPN
    (starting at 15.06/hr as a GS-3 at the VA Hospital, full benefits, first step increase in 6 months, next at 18 months, then yearly after that until the 5 year mark, then it switches to every other year (will be an RN and hopefully BSN before that milestone tho.. and hope to be into CRNA school at the 5 year mark
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    LOL .. forgot to state shift-differential an stuff ..

    ..additional 10 percent for nights, 25 percent for weekends, and time-and-a-half for overtime.

    Shifts are 8 hrs, ~5 days a week, M-T off, then T-W off, then W-Th off, then Fri-Sat-Sun off, then Sat-Sun-Mon off, ..then back to M-T off.. rinse, repeat.

    Reason I aimed at VA initially, the crew there loves their job, very much a team effort, benefits are great, and my USAF time rolls into their retirement after 5 years ..so I *start* with 13+ years on the 'clock' with 20 days paid vacation a year .. and ~7 years to go until I am eligible to retire w/20 yrs 'in' I hope to be a CRNA on their dime when I come up for 'retirement'

    .. plan is to cut down hours 'working' at that point and take the wife on a long overdue cruise .. an stuff

    -Frank P. Williamson, LPN at last
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    I live in the san francisco bay area, and work in vallejo @ Kaiser vallejo Acute rehab facility, as well as the main hospital. when i started as a new grad about five years ago my base pay was 18.50, over the past 5 years thanks to a great and very powerful union as well as a very well compensating employer my current rate is now around 31.45/hr, that includes a noc differential, as well as IV certification bonus. I am certified to work all areas of the hospital including acute physical rehab, med/surg., pulmonary rehab, home health, and every once in a while ped's (my leaste favorite, dont hate me i just dont like seeing kids in pain). We get annual raises and i plan to top out at around 33.00 within the next year or so. Its not just the wages that make this job worth while, rather the complete benefits package, medical/dental/vision and dependants are included. 32hr/wk plus holiday pay and a no cancellation policy make the jobs a well rounded place to be. True, california cost of living is outrageous and even being though being well compensated it is still tough to live on a single income. The median home price here is over 500k and rising fast, and making just under 70k/year is barely enough. sad huh :trout: . hope this helps someone. just my $.02.
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    hey im a nursing student in northern ky. I was wanting to find out what the pay rate for a new grad lpn is? so if anybody knows about northern ky id apprecitate it.
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    I started my first job after graduation last August. I was started at $11.00 base pay, $1.25 per hour for evening diff., and an additional $1.75 on weekends. I have to work every other weekend. After I was there 6 months I was raised to $12.00 base because I advanced to LPN II. We get an annual review every year and will get an increase of 0-4% increase depending on our performance. Not too good. Around here long term care pays better for LPN, also home health, but if you want to get skills you work at the hospital. I wish we had a union here in Ok.
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    I received my 3 percent raise today, because I have been on my job for 1 year. My pay was bumped up to $19.06 per hour. I work in a nursing home in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
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    I'm in BC Canada. In my health region, LPN's at the hospital/public care homes start at around $21/hour. Private nursing homes pay sometimes a few $$ less per hour and some pay a few dollars more per hour.
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    I live in Massachusetts, and the lowest rate to start from everything I have looked into is no less than 19, and my clinic I work at starts the LPN's off at 25 per hour, my friends works for Kindred and she is making 24.
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    i bet this is a real shocker for people that move from higher paying areas...

    Quote from j lynn
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle i was waiting for someone to post about good ole south louisiana. as an lpn with 2 years office experience, i make under $11.00...never got a raise, either. the work is easy so i try not to complain about the money.
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    Quote from sbed85
    Hello all,

    Im from Southern CA. Finally recently passed my Nclex for the third time, went to look for work the next day, got 4 offers from diff places. Accepted one closer to my house, rate is $20/hr. and starting my first day today. Excited to work what I always wanted to do. Good luck to all others.
    congratulations! where in SoCal are u from and where are you employed? m from torrance and i jus passed my entrance exam! hopefully start my lvn program this may! im soo excited
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    :angryfire LPNs make $10.95 in oklahoma. :angryfire
    That is why I moved to Texas when I left the army in 92 form OK.. Then it was about 8-9 dollars and hour!! I make over 27.00 an hour in TX now!
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    I work in southern NH LTC - 12 hour day shifts on the weekend as well as 8 hours one weekday averaging $22.28 per hour which includes a free 8 hours pay and full benefits. I think the starting base pay at the facility I work is somewhere around $16.00 per hour. Raises have averaged around 4% but I hear there will be none this year.