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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   chelojelo
    I've been an LPN for 9yrs, I work in LTC and currently make $17/hr, but i work 3 twelve hour shifts a week (36hrs) and get paid for 44hrs. BUT this is only because I work every Sat & Sun and then one day during the week. My best friend is an LPN with the same experience as i have, working one town over at a LTC facility making $14/hr, working the 3 twelves, but only getting paid for the 36hrs she works. Staffing agencies pay a little more, some as much as $23-26, and as little as $16 but that depends on where they send you and your experience. The cost of living in the rural parts of eastern KY is really cheap, though, 7compared to lots of places.
  2. by   neonates
    $28.50/hr in San Francisco, Ca
  3. by   Coach
    I live in Connecticut and I make $25. New grads are starting at 21 - 22/hr.
  4. by   cjandmama
    Holy Chalupas..... I'm packin my bags and movin!

    Still waiting for my NCLEX results. Feel pretty confident, it shut off at 85 but I thought I would have my results yesterday so I'm starting to worry...

    Xing fingers!!!

  5. by   moon30
    Quote from lllliv
    i'm working at a hospital in las vegas. my base pay is 22.47 an hour. i'm full time with good benefits.

    I heard that Las Vegas cost of living is high is that true? Do Las Vegas really build a new street and school every week? Is the crime low?

    What do RN makes if LPN is so high as 22.47? :redlight:


  6. by   breezy5
    I work in a county nursing home in NH and make 13.86. 1$ for 3-11, 1.20 for 11-7 and 1 for weekends. Perdiem makes 17.00. Pretty low paying compared to what i thought i would be making. This is as a new grad
  7. by   ftskeeder
    i don't know about north, :angryfire but here in the ole south we only make between 9.00hr to 13.00hr for new grads...................
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    anybody from north louisiana. what is the pay like in that area?
  8. by   huganurse1203
    Im an Lpn with one year experience and I make 23.50 per hour for 3-11 shift
  9. by   Trdmdwcw
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    Does anyone work in a state facility? I am curious about what I can expect working at a state psychiatric facility. I probably would work there anyway if offered a position, regardless of pay (within reason) but I would like an idea anyway. Any ideas?

    I work for the State of Missouri in a LTC veterans psychiatric facility. I currently make $17.10 as an LPN. The pay seems about average when reading others but the state benefits certainly add to it with good health insurance, and retirement plans. I encourage you to go for it. The rewards i get every day from my patients certainly make up for any lack of monetary compensation I might get elsewhere.

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  10. by   EvinsAngel
    Hi everyone. Can anyone tell me what the salary is like in NC for LPNs and what the job opportunites are. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks.
  11. by   sweetgeorgianurse75
    Quote from Coach
    I live in Connecticut and I make $25. New grads are starting at 21 - 22/hr.
    May I ask what part of CT? Thanks! Have a bless day!
  12. by   seselant02
    Do be mad about $10.50 because in Mississippi starting pay is $9.02 for LPN's
  13. by   sueQ
    Kentucky is about as bad as Mississippi. lpn start out about 10.20 in a hospital and 11.50 in a nursing home.