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I know that you guys (LPN/LVN's) can now get a load of other certifications on top of your LPN license. I know that you can get your IV certifications and oxygen and what not, but what are some of... Read More

  1. by   Lucid Vital Nurse
    Hi Peppa,
    Mass Casualty and Decontamination is a Federally sponsored program which was offered at the hospital I worked for. I don't recall which federal agency offered it though.
  2. by   Kashia
    LVN/LPN's can earn a Certified Holistic Nurse diploma in a 3 componet
    program that is accredited by the American Holistic Nurse organization. It covers Nurse Energy Healer, Nurse Master Herbalist, and Nurse Nutritional Consultant- also option to earn a certificate in any one of the three.
    This school has been around for awhile and their facility is impressive. I have been looking at this school for awhile and checked their credentials and will be enrolling soon.
    This is part of the future of nursing and any of you considering a move to California would fine this training a added benefit.

  3. by   Betty555
    Does anyone know where I can become vent certified in southern california?
  4. by   sandytn49
    Please tell me about the Mds certtification...
  5. by   ijulietta
    [quote=Hospice Nurse LPN;2202514]I'm certified in hospice and palliative care. I was able to get almost 3k more because I'm certified. Not only that, it's the personal satisfaction I get for going beyond what is expected. I especially like it when one of my pts ask me when the letters behind my name mean.:roll[i'm really interested and would like to know how and where you got your certification...thank you!]
  6. by   ChrissyP2003
    Does any one know where you can get an IV tech cert in Southwest Ohio? I am an LPN student at a school that doesn't offer it.
  7. by   grdngrl
    Try checking your local Community College by calling the Nursing Program. They will often have courses or certification available for a reasonable cost.
  8. by   sosweet07
    what does pals, nrp stands for
  9. by   thabeger
    Are lvn's able to take the ACLS, PALS, NRP certs???? What about TNCC? I want to eventually do peds, but after school I wanna get some additional certifications beyond regular nursing school. I enjoy planning ahead after school and want to know which certifications lvn's are able to obtain. If anyone took these courses how hard were they? I used to be an emt-I and took a pals pre test and got an 80% .

  10. by   sirI
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    Good to have you with us.

    I moved your post to this thread for continuity: LPN/LVN Additional Certifications

    To answer your question; yes, the LPN can take ACLS, PALS, NRP.

    About TNCC:
    The TNCC may officially be attended by registered nurses (RNs). Other health care providers may attend the course as observers.
    ENA Emergency Nurses Association
  11. by   thabeger
    Quote from sosweet07
    what does pals, nrp stands for

    "Neonatal Resuscitation Program" & "Pediatric Advanced Life Support"
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  12. by   Annie2005
    Wow - Okay I just found this thread and hoping that someone is still checking. I was looking at all the links on the first page about all the different certifications that an LPN can get. I'm interested in L&D, but don't have enough money or time to go back to get my RN and then move on from there - so I was thinking about getting certification about L&D - now does this give me an edge on getting a job in L&D either at a hospital or OB clinic even though I have no experience. If I do one or some of these certifications I'd like to choose the ones that would help me out getting a job that I love. I also saw the breastfeeding one and would like to that one in conjunction with the L&D. Just wondering how much this would affect me getting a job even though I haven't been able to get into that area to work.
  13. by   lvnhopeful

    I am located in California and will graduate in July of 2008 One of the things I would like to do after I get my license is enter a wound care certification program. There was a program offered in this forum, I went there, and it mentioned that it was for RN's.

    Does anyone know of a good program in the California area? I am located in central Cal. I don't mind taking online classes. Of course, like all students, I am not rich, but am willing to pay $$$ for the right experience.

    Thanks in advance for your time.