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i am just curious regards to the starting rate of pay for newly LPN grads upon hire in all and many different states here in the US. I am currently in mcallen, tx. but i plan to move around to... Read More

  1. by   NURSE1987
    Northwest Georgia starting pay for a new LPN w/ no experience is....
    $12.25/hr Base Rate: Hospital
    $14-17/hr Base Rate: Nursing Home
    $10-12/hr Base Rate: Doctor's Office

    The shift differentials are what really help you out around here. Some new LPN's make $21.00/hr if they are willing to work ONLY weekend nights, like a 60/80 shift.
  2. by   preciousbaby621
    Does anyone know what the base pay for LVN/LPN in DC area??????
  3. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from BigB
    12.50 as a LVN wage. That;s a shame. Doesn't McDonalds pay about that these days?
    Actually, McDonald's pays minimum wage.

    I refuse to work for $12.50 hourly, which is why I will stay away from the acute care hospitals around here.

    Actually, the Los Angeles area pays crappy LVN hospital wages, too. I completed a Los Angeles LVN program in late 2005, and the hospitals were offering low wages when you consider the cost of living. Kaiser Hospital was offering $17 hourly, Olive View Medical Center was offering a monthly salary of $2550 monthly, and Northeast Valley Health Center offered $15 hourly.
  4. by   chesara
    I guess it all depends on where you live and the cost of living for your area. I live in Savannah, GA (not a very big city at all) and $12.50 sounds pretty good to me but I don't even know if they pay that much here. I guess the good thing is that if they pay more I'll be happy but if not I won't be disappointed. :wink2:
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    my sister in law is receiving $22+ (agency) with 10 months experience. she is now in oceanside CA.
  6. by   TSHELTON2005
    CAN ANYONE Tell Me What The Pay For New Lpn's In OKLAHOMA IS??
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    well i can tell you this. about 4 years ago i went to oklahoma city and inquired at a agency about pay cause my husband and i were thinking about moving to ok. they were paying about 13/hr for agency at the time.

    Quote from theothrdaughter
    can anyone tell me what the pay for new lpn's in oklahoma is??
  8. by   BigB
    www.salary.com is a good site.
  9. by   da11asp
    Charlotte, NC $17-24/hr for home care, some have training program(self paced) for trach and vent pt's pediatric nurses are in high demand!
  10. by   Ms.Sip
    I've been an LPN for eight months and work in Tulsa.
    Big heaping $12/hour....
  11. by   lizzyberry
    lpns get paid good. For only one year of school thats awesome. So I am glad that Im doing the RN program I will be getting paid even better.
  12. by   Alibaba
    I am surprised that detroit pays that much for new grads. How is the cost of living? There was a special on television recently about the outrageous number of foreclosures in the area.
  13. by   lizzyberry
    Quote from lizzyette
    lpns get paid good. For only one year of school thats awesome. So I am glad that Im doing the RN program I will be getting paid even better.
    But wait I see some wages that are like 12/hr thats not that great. I guess nursing homes pay the best for lpns,huh?