License Renewal question

  1. I just wanted to know how much it costs to renew your LPN license. It's every 2 years, and I keep hearing different prices.....

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  3. by   BRANDY LPN
    Depends on the state, you should be able to find that at your state boards website.
  4. by   proudmommielpn
    It is $65 here in KY. Did they change how many CEU's you have to get? Here you have to have I believe 14 but if you have a yearly evaluation you only have to get 7. I just started a new job last May and I work for the state of KY and they only do evals in January and since I didn't start until May, I guess I got to go for 14. Oh Well!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I'm licensed in Texas, and our renewal fees are $67 every 2 years.

    I'm also licensed in California, where the renewal fees are $125 every 2 years.
  6. by   Fiona59
    $250 per year in Alberta
  7. by   casperbjs
    Mine I think was 75.00 in Ohio!
  8. by   kat7ap
    Washington $50 a year. However... I had my license endorsed last October from Texas and I had to renew again on my birthday in August - not even 1 year! What's up with that!
  9. by   nursekristy
    $50 here in Indiana
  10. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    In Louisiana it's $30/year.