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If you all don't mind me asking....how old were you when you started working as an lvn/rn?... Read More

  1. by   LPMRN
    I was 35. Nursing was a 2nd career for me also. I am 40 now and half way through the RN program.
  2. by   AntFlip7395
    I was 26 when I started working as an LPN and currently 36 years old working as an RN.
  3. by   MzMouse
    I was 24 when I graduated from LPN school.
  4. by   sleepyndopey
    I was 22 when I graduated LPN program. I'm 39(EEK) now. I'm in RN program and expect to graduate when I'm in my early 40's. Now I'm depressed.
  5. by   ebear
    Let's see... I worked full time as a ward secretary my senior year of high school (3-11). Finished high school early (extra loads), graduated on a Friday and started RN school on the following Monday. Went straight through with huge loads. Got out and took boards started as RN at 20yrs. old. Have worked as such for 34 yrs. now. Now doing only legal nurse consulting (certified). My tail is dragging!!:spin:
  6. by   Elektra6
    35 when I passed NCLEX!
  7. by   scallywags
    I am 35 and will start my new job as a LVN next week. Went back to school when I was 31 and started LVN school at 33. With any luck at all, my goal is to be a RN by the time I am 40.
  8. by   jcsinging
    I am 41 and recently graduated.
  9. by   hiddenheart
    As Johnny Cash sings "I turned 40 years in prison doing life without parole" , just kidding!!:chuckle I turned 40 while in nursing school, I figured I would be the oldest in my class, but I wasn't, there was a lady that was that was 48, one that was 56 and the oldest wouldn't tell her age, but said that she only had 5-6 years until retirement (my guess was close to 60), we all passes and are working as nurses. "Life skills" is a good teacher.
  10. by   kstec
    I was 35 when I started working as a LPN. That was after 5 years of pre-reqs, one class a semester and then the 11 months in the program. I had two youngens, so it took me a long time.
  11. by   agent66
    21 when i finished school and started working as an RN, those were the days, turn 41 this December.

  12. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    I was 38 when I finished LPN school. I'm 50 now and finishing pre=reqs for RN school. Just getting younger all the time!
  13. by   sharona97
    I like the Johnny Cash one.....
    Started LPN school at 23 graduated with AAS and LPN at 25.
    Will be 50 starting the Bridge Program
    Hope to work for as long as I can!