I was fired today (I think??)

  1. So long story brief (:
    I got my license in Jan this year. My back ground is cna 5 yrs, MA 20 years in ambulatory care in hospital owened facilities.
    This year has been horrific to say the least!!
    I have quickly learned 2 things.
    1 that LTC is the most regulated facet of health care and it is staffed by the most un-professional people!!
    I loved taken care of geriatric pts when I was a cna, but in all the years away from LTC I had forgotten how awful it can be!!!!
    So I just started a new job that I was sure I was going to love. I have been working in a locked alzheimers unit. I have worked like crazy to learn my job, never taken a lunch break. I thought it was going really good. I have been there 2 weeks, had 2 days orientation.
    So at end of shift today the adminstrator came and had a "meeting" in the hall with several people. He informed me (in front of all these people!!) that he was posting my job, and that he was looking for someone with experience to work my unit!!
    I was totally shocked and brokenhearted at the whole idea of being fired! And shocked at the un-professional way he did it!!!!!!!!!
    He did say I was welcome to apply, but he wanted someone with experience to have my job.
    It was all I could do to get out of there before the tears came.
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  3. by   joannalpn
    ok after re-reading and seeing all my spelling mistakes, I feel the need to add I do a have AAS lol
  4. by   joannalpn
    I am sitting here wondering so do I start applying for a new job now or wait to get the "offical ax". I have never been fired in my life, I have always maintained long term employment, untill now!
    I always assumed getting fired would be like, ok we no longer require your services please clock out and leave, (or something along those lines), but now I sit here wondering, ok so I was fired or "maybe I am fired????
  5. by   joannalpn
    I think maybe??? He wants to use me(as a warm body) untill he can find a "suitable" replacement nurse! ):
  6. by   pookyp
    I would put in my notice. That's very odd because the way he stated it, you don't know if to go back, or if he's just telling you his plans. Weird.
  7. by   Sun0408
    Start looking now, if the place is too unbearable to go back, put your notice in.. It is generally easier to get employed if you are employed. Why that is, I have no clue..

    I am so sorry he did this to you in front of everyone, very unprofessional. Not someone I work trust nor work for..
  8. by   joannalpn
    Thanks for the replies (:
    I am over it now. I will start looking tonight.
    Its just sad because right up till this happened I loved this job and the pts have really grown on me, and the pts love me and follow me around. They will miss me ):
  9. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    First off, ask him to explain to you specifically what he meant and whether or not youre fired, I would start looking for another job. No matter where you are employed there will be BS however, some places has less BS and are a little less stressful
  10. by   nursel56
    Yes, you need to find out what he meant, because not only is that a bizarre and unprofessional way to fire somebody, telling you that you are welcome to apply for the job he just fired you from in a hallway meeting in front of other people makes so little sense it begs for clarification . . .best to you and at behavior like that . . .
  11. by   LiteCandles
    What I don't understand is why would you apply for your job... Didn't you do that already... Since you work there...

    Sounds like he fired you but didn't have the .... To tell you.
  12. by   BostonFNP
    Very poorly handled. Look elsewhere; it wouldn't have stayed a dream job for long with a supivisor like that.
  13. by   Gameboy94
    Wow, that's totally surprising and , as you state it, unprofessional. But before making any conjecture regarding your employment, it's safe on your behalf to follow up with a meeting of some sort with him only to get a clarification of want he ment. He may have completely ment the opposite of what he said (or not).
  14. by   jadelpn
    That is way unprofessional to say the least. I would ask specifically what he meant by "posting my job". Also sounds as if they will use you as a warm body while they see if a more experienced nurse wants the position--however, if they don't, then you can work for them?? WHY would they make you re-apply for the positon you already hold?
    Get clarification from him, then you need to speak to HR. Right to work and probationary period and they can do what they want, however, I don't get the applying part of it.....