First Job!?!

  1. i am currently looking for my first job as an lpn. did anyone else find that you were being told over and over that you don't have enough experience? it is really frustrating that after all that work, studying, time away from my family, and passing boards that i'm "not qualified". any suggestions? i am willing to get my experience just about anywhere. however, i do have 3 kids and a husband i would like to see every now and then. i guess when the right job comes along they will be open to hiring a new nurse.

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  3. by   Jules A
    It really shouldn't be hard finding a job as a new grad if you are willing to work where the openings are which largely means LTC. What areas are you applying for?
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I completed LVN school in the Los Angeles area and then moved to a large metro area in Texas where the LVN jobs tend to be plentiful. I applied for jobs earlier this year and, despite having no nursing experience, was hired on the spot. I have never had any problems finding LVN jobs with my lack of experience. However, I only applied at nursing homes. You will encounter problems finding work if you only apply at hospitals.
  5. by   luvmy2angels
    Most places around where i live are begging for nurses, wether new grads or not. I was offered many jobs even before i graduated and afterwards almost every place i applied called me for an interview. Hope things start looking up for you.
  6. by   shanLPN
    Hang in there! I know it can be frustrating to look for a new job --- I am a new grad, too, and was just hired in a clinic. The pay is less, but the hours are great and I get to spend more time with my family. It took me about a month before I found the right job, and I actually had to turn down offers at a VA Hospital and a nursing home.
    Just keep applying at places that you are interested in, and before you know it, you will be scheduling interviews. I had several facilities tell me that they prefer hiring new grads, because they are right out of school and have "fresh" ideas and skills.
    You will find a job soon -- good luck!!
  7. by   nyoks2000
    am in acworth GA and i have been looked for jobs for abt 3 weeks and i havent heard from any of them i have looked everynursing home even in cumming i even went to a staffing agency that told me that they would train me for 97 $ a day. that is how bad it is in GA . all of them want experiance i just graduated in june and did my boards in aug and passed, but still no job!:angryfire
  8. by   jamangel
    dawn, are you very close to Atlanta? you should go in the city limits because I can not believe that ltc isn't calling you. but then lately lpn jobshave been drying up (i'm in augusta). it's like the lpn's aren't leaving.
  9. by   tishathomas
    Hi everyone,
    I to am a new graduate. I live in sc and I have applied at everyone nursing home in my town. (Plus agencies, hospital and hospice) I have been searching for a job since 9/3 and have onply had one interview and they were not interested if I wanted to transition ADN in the next five years. So that fell through. I have not gotten a call from anyone else and I am very frustrated. I would really love to work in LTC but it seems like no one is hiring at this point.