Does LPN need malpractice insurance?

  1. Hi, I'm a newly grad. I'm just wandering if LPN need malpractice insurance? Does anyone know? If so, how much does it cost?
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    LPN/LVNs get sued and they get allegations against their licenses. Yes they need insurance. It costs in the vicinity of $89 a year. Link for one provider:
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    Thanks for your response. I was just confused. I heard from a friend of mine, that one of the instructor told her LpN's doesnt need malpractrice insurance. I was'nt so sure if that was true.
    For less than $100! That's great! That's not too hefty! I sure will provide me one to protect my license.
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    BTW, I still have to take my NCLEX. So I'll probably worry about that when I got my license.
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    I don't know if I'll need insurance. Hope not, but I've got it, anyway.
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    Yes! If you go through NSO it is around $80/year and their coverage is GREAT!!
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    Hell, yes.

    In my province, it's included in my yearly permit fees. We all carry $2million.
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    I got the NSO insurance as soon as I got my licence. If for no other reason: Piece of mind! I like my licence, my house and my car! I want to keep them all as long as possible! I have had my licence for going on 3 yrs now. I LOVE MY JOB! Congratulations and good luck in your career!
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    I am not an LVN nor an RN yet here in the US, but I am using a company that can represent me in court, not just by means of license but on everyday life events, of course that is as long as I didn't do anything wrong.

    A lot of people that are innocent but needs a lawyer and can't provide one do plea guilty because they can't afford one, you might say that there are free lawyers, but that's if you qualify, and since you are a LVN you don't qualify for a free lawyer because of your income.

    If you need more info I can send it to you, you can contact me via