burned out going bad to worse

  1. Most of this is a vent but please tell me I am not the only person strugling with this. I have been at a long term/rehabilitation center for almost a year now. on my wing we have 60 patients and 2 nurse's we average 4-6 CNA"S I have pt's from broken hips, dementia, hospice, assisted living. I am responsible for passing meds twice my 3-11 shift, watching CNA's skin assesments, wound care, dsg. changes, Lab work, ordering medication, taking orders off, answering the phones, making doctor appointments, contacting the doctor when new labs come in, dealing with visitors, family, working around PT/OT , feeding when I have time and answering call bells. In the last month my facility has cut out breaks we are only allowed a 30 min lunch. which did not effect me because I never have time to take a lunch. no cell phones , no double time if you work extra, no holidays off if your set schedual falls on a holiday you work it. and good luck on getting any Personal time off even if you have it banked up. they said we are short staffed so we have to cut back. also the CNA's can not take a lunch break if the nurse is passing medicine so they have to take them when the supper trays are up which means we have to help pass trays and feed or it will not get done then the patients complain about cold food. this was the time I normaly took orders off. we were suppose to get another nurse but they said we are not making money so that will not happen any time soon.
    trust me I have thought about leaving but no one is really hiring and I feel like it is the same no matter where you go. when will the government take a stand and realize it is the patients that suffer from this care. I go to work with the aittude of if I dont do it who will? I've been asking for time off for 3 months and have yet to get even one extra day off I know im burned out but have no idea what to do about it.
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  3. by   MaverickyMaverick
    I am so exhausted just ready your email. I'm sorry. I hope that you find a way out of that situation or that they get you some help!
  4. by   Fiona59
    Do you have state labour boards? No employer can prohibt an employee from taking meal breaks. Statutory holidays have to be paid at specified rates.

    What you are documenting is abuse of most civilized countries labour laws.

    I take it you are in a non-union facility.
  5. by   autumnleaf
    yes we are not union. I dont know about state labor laws but I wish they would pass a law for nurse to patient ratio
  6. by   Brazilian
    It sounds like to much for me. I have 18 to 20 pt and think it's already too much! Can't you find another kind of work? That really does not sound like a good place to be. Sometimes money is not everything... even if they pay well. because you will have to spend with medical treatment soon...
  7. by   autumnleaf
    with the way the economy is I worry about giving up a job. I thought being a nurse was a secure job but now a days it is not the case.
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    I also got tired and dizzy reading your post...you poor thing! I also believe this is a non-union hospital, and that it is not so easy to jump ship to seek other opportunities like it used to be. Would it be easier for you to work nights...11p to 7a? Only one major med pass, no meals to supervise?

    I have no answers, but you have my total empathy.
  9. by   NC Girl BSN
    This is so typical of when I worked in LTC about 3 months ago. I had 30 patients and 2 aides. I also worked 3-11. Its never gonna change. My only motivator was to get my RN. I worked in LTC for 18 months and now just got my RN and work in the hospital working with 4 patients. The work is busy but its such a different kind of busy. I commend you for your efforts and can only tell you that its probably gonna get worse. Try working toward your RN. I did Excelsior and never missed a day of work. Its self pace and you take the CPNE Exam at various locations. Getting my RN was the best thing I could have done. It feels so good not to have to work like a dog everyday. Good luck and don't give up.