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  1. Brazilian

    Aspen University MSN

    This is right, feather. as an immigrant, I didn't know the difference. I only made sure it was accredited and with CCNE. I guess I learned now. :-)
  2. Brazilian

    Aspen University MSN

    That was right in my case, none of the 8 universities I consulted accepted my credits from Aspen (AKA Nationally accredited). - University of Arizona, University of Texas in Arlignton, Portland State University, Washington State University, Jacksonville University, University of Seattle, Maryville University, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
  3. Brazilian

    Aspen University MSN

    Yes, it can change. On the NW they are all about regional.
  4. Brazilian

    Aspen University MSN

    Hi, there! Careful with Aspen. I took some classes and had to drop because I discovered my employer would not take my degree.T hey are Nationally accredited and employers normally look for regionally accredited programs. I didn't pay attention on that, lost time and money. Think about it, OK? Teresa
  5. Brazilian

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Took the test 2 days ago. Stopped at 75. Had absolutely clear in my mind that I had failled... had no clue about that questions. Lots of "priorities", 4 calculations (difficult ones on IV) and went home crying. Came here to get some "support" and learned about the trick.. Good pop up came up, saying I could not register again. This morning, results are there... pass. I still can't believe it. All I need to say is that I felt the pain of not passing, at least in my mind. If you ever need some support, I am here for you!!! Teresa
  6. Brazilian

    I finally quit my job tonight

    Keep us posted about the new job! Hope you find a better place and attitude!
  7. Brazilian

    Older Nursing students

    Hi guys! I love this thread... I will turn 48 next April and will be graduating next August, as a RN. Have been a LPN for 2 years and will not stop, unless something stops me. So... keep going!!!
  8. Brazilian

    burned out going bad to worse

    It sounds like to much for me. I have 18 to 20 pt and think it's already too much! Can't you find another kind of work? That really does not sound like a good place to be. Sometimes money is not everything... even if they pay well. because you will have to spend with medical treatment soon...
  9. Brazilian

    Did any of you ever have to choose between work or school?

    Grade "0" to your supervisor, dear. Everybody I know that went to nursing school had to reduce their load of work at some point. Most of the supervisors I know work around nursing student's schedule. Look for a supervisor that deserves you and your 6 years of dedication.
  10. Brazilian

    Working Full-Time while going to school?

    Hi Zalan! I wanted to work full time while going to Nursing school, but it was impossible to me. I first reduced to 3 days a week and ended up working 2 days a week only, with one day only during the finals. Most of my classmates had to reduce on working load as well... few survived doing full time schedules (my heroes ). The time will be your best answer! Good luck
  11. Brazilian

    Assisted Living

    The turn over in AL is way lower than in LTC. COnsequently, you will see less opening in AL than in LTC. And the ratio nurse/resident is lower too, about 1 LPN for 50 resident. That explains why we don't see opening in AL very often, doesn't it? :typing :wink2:
  12. Brazilian

    Assisted Living

    My orientation took only 3 days because I was working for the same company before, as a Med Aid, for the last 6 years. So, I already knew all about the facility and the residents, but could not do the job because I wasn't licensed yet. But take your time to get used to the AL and them, move on doing a couple of days in Long Term Care to get the experience you want. I am doing 4 days at the A. Living and 1 day a week in a Long Term Care. Next year I intend to do 3 days in the A L and 2 days in LTC. So... I get the chance to see both!
  13. Brazilian

    Assisted Living

    Hi there! I am a new grad as well... just got my license last July. I've been working in a Assisted Living Facility for the past 6 years, as a Med Aid, and now, as a LPN. We have a high number of Diabetics with sliding scales. So, the LPNs control de CBGs/Insulin shots, any other treatment (like inhalers, breathing treatments, dressing changes, first aids,creams, eye drops, etc.) and a lot of monitoring/teaching. I love it! It's my favorite type of job so far. I tried long term care and Rehab but... I still prefer AL. If you can, since you want more skilled esperience, try to be part time in two different jobs, one being AL and the other being LTC. This way, you will get the chance to see different things. Good luck!
  14. Brazilian

    Are you a LPN in Memory Care?

    Hi guys! I am a new grad LPN and have been hating every minute of my experience in LTC/Rehab. Yesterday I got an offer to work in Memory Care. Can you describe your rotine in Memory Care so I can compare with LTC/Rehab? I am so affraid it's just going to be the same... I thank you in advance! Brazilian
  15. Brazilian

    How many residents do you pass meds too in Assisted Living?

    You are very welcome. I left the ALF I was working at because I wanted to try long term care and rehab. I don't know if I got the wrong LTC, but I simply hated. I barely have time to go to the bathroom and no time at all to sit and have a 2 minutes talk with the patients. So... I am going back to my old ALF that I love so much... this time as a LPN. As a LPN we do treatments, injections and pass part of the meds, along with the Medication Aids. The pay is less... but I love it more and that's what counts! Nice to talk to you!
  16. Brazilian

    How many residents do you pass meds too in Assisted Living?

    Hi there! I worked as a Medication Aid before becoming a LPN, two months ago. As a Med Aid, I was passing meds to a average of 63 residents, in a ALF. It was not easy at the beginning, but time makes this kind of job easier. Hang in there! :typing

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