Best Places To Look for Employment?

  1. I'm just curious to know what you all think are the best places to begin an employment search and how soon before graduation/licensure would you want to start searching. Also do you think you have better chances of finding employment in or out of state. Thanks!
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  3. by   T-Bird78
    Good luck. It's very tough out there and I'm an experienced nurse! Check all the websites,,,, your local department of labor, websites for any healthcare groups in your area, Be warned that most will ask if you have your license but some will let you indicate that your are pursuing it. Ask your school if they have any placement assistant programs or for contact info for your clinical rotations and see if your teachers have any connections to the outside world. Long-term care and home health seem to always need LPNs; home health usually wants experienced LPNs so you may have to start with LTC. Good luck!!
  4. by   garnetgirl29
    I am finding that many facilities don't advertise their openings. I visited the medicare website to get a list of all the nursing homes in my area and their ratings. From that, I picked out the ones I want to apply to. I checked to see if there was a way to apply on their websites and if not, I mailed my resume with cover letter or visited them in person.
    The best prospect I have right now (I'm a new grad, too) is with a detox center. I had a great interview yesterday & am hoping this works out! This facility wasn't advertising, but I have a friend who did a temp position there and told me they were looking. So, I called to be sure and I was instructed to fill out the application on their website and mail it directly to the facility Director. She and I e-mailed several times, then she called me for an interview!! I met several of the staff members and everyone seemed great. I'm hoping they offer me this position!

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   mommyof2Tees
    I work for an Assisted Living Facility to gain some experience. Also look at craigslist. But the best advice is just send your resume and cover letter out to any facilites that hire LPN's. You just never know, as garnetgirl2 said many places don't advertise their job openings. All the best to you.
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  6. by   KRODD
    Do a google search for Nursing homes than go to google maps go to your immediate area apply at all the little red dots if you hear nothing move the map out further and repeat, do the same for assisted living, psyche centers jails, VA hospitals, hospitals exaust all measures "keep fishin youll get a bite".
  7. by   Tflowers34907
    Thank you guys for your responses! Lol, checking with the school. Why didn't I think of that? I imagine they would be able to give me some help finding employment. I searched online for LTC facilities and hospices in my area. I made a list and saved it in order of the ones that appear most appealing. Does anyone think I would have a shot (perhaps as a tech) if I applied in the semester in which I would graduate?
  8. by   Lovewhatidointx
    The best place to look for a job is the facilities you did your clinicals. Make sure to get the names of the nurses you work with & ask them if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation. If not, ask if they mind you giving them as a professional reference. Many of these facilities allow nurses to do clinicals at their facilities because they anticipate the students will apply at their hospital after graduation. The advantage of hiring a student that has been at their facility is that you already know their computer system, their policies, & their nurses. Hope this helps. Good luck on your job search :-)
  9. by   Tflowers34907
    Thank you Lovewhatidointx! That is pretty smart. I will put that on my list as well!
  10. by   lpn954
    Yeah there is a LOT of competition out there. Its not so easy to find a job these days, especially in this economy and a lot of companies are cutting LPN positions. I have found that has the most posting for me, but even they do not have a lot of what is out there. I think its best the old fashioned way. Pound the pavement and check out local nursing homes, VA clinics like someone mentioned, and of course if the place you did your clinical s at hires LPNs that is a great place to start. I got hired at an agency by responding to an ad on but I cant exactly reccomend doing that because agency jobs are only PRN and I do not always get work. Best of luck!