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  1. lpn954

    Home Health Nurses

    Oh OK thanks! not yet but I will
  2. I am an LPN and have done PPV for 5 years. No millage, or benefits at all but liked the flexibility of it and getting PPV. It was nice to get paid $15 that took me 10 minutes or so to do. Now I have lost patients and need work. I just had an interview with a company that pays not per visit, but hourly. I have never heard of this for HH and not sure how it works exactly with home health visits. I want to know more what to expect, and how it is VS the PPV I am used to. They say the do pay millage and have great benefits PTO, 401k, health insurance . Its a full time position so they must have a lot of work. I was used to making $15 to $20 a visit which where I live is standard for LPN. Yes I know some will say its low or whatever but worked fine for me. Anyway this agency pays $24 per hour plus the above mentioned benefits. I am wondering if that is worth it when all is said and done, (travel time and visits time) when I am used to getting paid 15 or $20 for visits that typically take me 10 to 20 minutes or so to do? Another thing they said was its 30 visits a week and they pay hourly so not sure how that is considered to be full time?
  3. For LPN, IV certification is something many agencies look for. I should get that, high in demand and pays well
  4. lpn954

    What software are you using

    I have always used Kinser. Its pretty good and easy but occasionally there are times when website goes down.
  5. lpn954

    Home Health Nurses

    Home Health nurse for 5 years looking for work again. I used to find many listings on Craig's list and Career Builder now there are very few . I've also tried Indeed. Indeed had the most for LPN, but not many home health postings. What resources are best to find home health positions? I know contacting agencies directly and applying but this is very time consuming (takes a few hours just to apply then submit paperwork) however many have little to no active cases to offer. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. lpn954

    Gave my patients away

    I was working home health and my agency gave my patients away because I was falsely accused of making a med error. I was not fired, and they say they will consider me for future patients. Being left with no patients is not fair IMO, but it is what it is. I want to continue in home health, but its hard financially when you lose patients for various reasons. I do love it though, the flexible hours , short visits, and everything is great and its hard to picture doing anything else. It is hard financially now as I have 0 income. I am looking for home health jobs but from past experience I know it will most likely take months to build up my patient load. There are dozens of agencies out there but a lot are not hiring, or are hiring, but have very little work. How can I over come this obstacle and still do home health? Perhaps for now I should do something for income temporarily like drive for Uber? Just wondering what others have done to get past the challenges home health brings.
  7. lpn954


    I use RN.org get all my CEUs there. Says for Rn and Lpn. Only $19.99 a year. Renew my licence with those .
  8. lpn954

    LVN probation

    That Sucks! Sorry to hear that. Something that minor should not have been reported to them. What does 3 years probation mean? Sorry if this was answered already I didn't sleep well last night.
  9. lpn954


    How do you get CPC? How long does it take to get that? I've never heard of that but sounds like it brings good job opportunities and u can work from home.
  10. lpn954

    advertising your nursing services

    It's Ecaregivers.com I put in my profile ETC for free but no responses yet.
  11. I have one job working at a home health agency. Perhaps not for long though as was accused of something I did not do. Ayyway was lucky many people I talked to worked for multiple agencies.
  12. lpn954

    Anyone Just Interested in Being an LPN, and not an RN

    Right here! I love being an LPN, and could not picture doing anything else. You can make as much or more as an RN too if you get enough home health patients, work a specialty JOB like wound care, Trach care, vents.
  13. lpn954

    advertising your nursing services

    Looking for work as an LPN. Of course I am using all the other tools like Craig's List, Indeed, calling agencies directly, but something caught my eye I have never seen or heard of before: (name withheld due to want to make sure I am not violating any rules. ) They claim u can advertise your services, set your own pay rates, chose your own clients ETC. This sounds pretty good. I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with doing this, and what was your experience like.
  14. lpn954

    Book Donation

    Medical Surgical Nursing 8th EDN. Davis drug guide 12th EDN.
  15. lpn954

    Book Donation

    I have some old nursing books I would like to donate in the S. East Florida area. Anyone have any suggestions?
  16. lpn954

    What else can I do as an LPN?

    U can do home health. That's my personal favorite. It's a short visit 15-30 minutes. I got experience vwith insulin, wound care, med. Management. Pays $15-23 per visit. I like it cause not only good experience but u get paid for the whole hour even if your visit less than one hour.

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