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  1. KRODD

    How is this acceptable? 50 patients ltc/skilled DAYSHIFT!

    These facilities like playing with fire giving all these pt to one nurse, tells me that when not if the s--t hits the fan they'll probably throw the nurse under the bus.
  2. KRODD

    LPN from Rochester, NY moving to Jacksonville

    My parents are in Jax, the pay is peanuts down there, I know the cost of living is low and the weathers nice but I like money. My cousin was a teacher (elementary) down there but left the field and moved back to ny to become a RN.
  3. KRODD

    New grad lvn. I think I am in the wrong field.

    Question, are you on a rehab/short term unit? long term/ dementia units are usually alot less stressful.
  4. KRODD

    LPN vs PCT?

    I personally would take the pct job being that your going for your RN, Acute Care experience goes along way.
  5. Is your facility union?, Right to work state? Pysche facility is this a Government job? need more info Not judging you but are they reporting you to state board? good luck to you
  6. KRODD

    LPN with no Job!!!

    Careful you end up being a unemployed RN theres plenty of those.
  7. KRODD

    I start my lpn class april 1

    Stay on point, life may have to go on hold for a while. If you can get a copy of your Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) book. and read ahead. Research medical terminology. Good Luck.
  8. KRODD

    Volunteer to be a union rep or not?

    Sounds impossible in my facility! Workers will do wrong and expect you to back them. I fear my facility which is one of the better facilities in my area for Workers and Pt.s alike will go down hill fast, this is just the start. Sigh:(
  9. Heres my situation.... My facility just got our union contract signed in october after 2012 three plus years after being voted in. Not a lot of support from colleagues less than a dozen people at each meeting 130+ yes votes >10 no votes at the time of signing ( I did not cast my vote). I was critical of the union because of the insurance we got everyone I've ever spoken too that has had the union in other facilities has always told me that the insurance we didnt get is really only the best part of being in the union. So I was outspoken not necessarily against the union but about the health insurance, and I told my fellow coworkers when they would complain "its too late now babies on the way no abortion, they're in they're in." Now my situation is its getting close to time were we are going to pick/vote on our reps for the building...needless to say not many takers, we had had one but they were just fired. Some of the other people I fear will emerge as reps are the backstabbing shady pieces of trash that set people up you know the kind one may have had a hand in getting the person who was fired canned! I really don't want to be a rep but I cant work under cut throats either no one wants to be a rep, I'm kind of on the fence? Any input from some who has been or is now a rep. Id appreciate it.
  10. KRODD

    Clinicals - I hate them!

    Nobody likes clinicals the students, the instructors or the staff. Really only the patients only like the clinicals. Its easy for people whom have never worked in a nursing home to judge what goes on, its another thing when you are in the position of working there will you spend 100% of your time with pt.s probably not. Clinicals are like dry land swimming you do most of your learning on the job.
  11. Wow hope they dont use scan trons, my class would find tons of right answer check wrong, makes me kind of mad I ve been using them all my schooling years how many times have Ive been jigged.
  12. KRODD

    Residents missing clothes?

    We have had a problem for a while at my facility with residents missing clothes. The laundry is sent out to another facility to be cleaned but even before when we were cleaning clothes in house we had a huge problem with missing clothes. My question whats happening to the clothes? Is someone stealing them? Cant Imagine some one would steal an elderly pt. clothes Are they being thrown away? We put names on all clothes and we inventory all clothes Has anyone else had this happen? And if so what was the sloution? I just think it sucks these peoples thing are gone and they dont have anything to wear.
  13. KRODD

    LVN moving to New York

    Honestly I have know idea about Rochester might want to ask in the NY part of this forum.
  14. KRODD

    LVN moving to New York

    What area of NY? NYC? Suburbs? Upstate? Im upstate in Dutchess County! In most non rural areas of NY LPNs work exclusivically in LTC, Sub acute, Rehab and MD offices. Not a whole lot of acute care they are out there for us LPNs in NY. LPNs scope of practice is NY limits what we can do with starting IVs and pushing drugs through the IV, PICCs, Blood transfusions, Care plan initiation not sure what you certifications will allow you to do more if anything extra, you probably wont see it and have to differ to the RN on duty. O and as far as getting your license heres the website http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/nurse/nurseforms.htm
  15. Thinking about eventually relocating either to Florida or Colorado from NY. If someone can answer my question that'd be awesome. Whats the average pay rate for LPNs in LTC for LPN with 1 year experience in LTC? (Ive seen around $43,000 a year from indeed.com) Are nursing jobs scarce like in other parts of the country? Are there any accelearated LPN to RN Bridges preferably at Brick and Mortar school? Thanks for any answers
  16. KRODD

    Help from other LPN's

    I think it has alot to do with your age if I read your post right your in your early to mid twenties. I takes time to find yourself. Your parents pushing you into the field probably has to do with them not wanting to see you sputture like most young people do I know did. It takes time to fully mature and get self motivated to start a career in any field. Good luck! Enjoy your youth.

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