Any San Antonio LVN's here?

  1. Hey everyone! I've been having no luck on the Texas board.. So maybe I get somewhere here. Any SA LVN's around? I have a couple of questions to ask you!! Thanks in advance!
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    I sent you a message.
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    MedChica- do you have any advice?
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    Whats the problem? Board exam you mean?
  7. by   Kaligirl02
    No, I passed the NCLEX in Feb. I just had some questions about the job market. Are you in San Antonio?
  8. by   jigzawnurse28
    Yes I am in SA. Its quite difficult getting a job here. I got a first job offer after 6 months of searching. Then I quit there after 2 months. Then got another job at long term care after 1 month. Mine is ok but I heard many are worst. Even 1 year of wait to some. Try home health I can email you some leads if you want.
  9. by   Kaligirl02
    Ouch... That would be awesome! I had 5 job offers prior to passing NCLEX. I love my job now, but we are moving to lackland in September. I really want to work at Baptist, they have 15 LVN openings there, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath huh? How is the pay out there? Here in Alaska I get 22.90 at the rehab/LTC... Would I be dreaming if I thought the pay was around that out in San Antonio?
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    Quote from Kaligirl02
    Here in Alaska I get 22.90 at the rehab/LTC... Would I be dreaming if I thought the pay was around that out in San Antonio?
    Many RNs in San Antonio aren't even paid $22.90 hourly. $19 to $23 hourly is the range for new grad RNs in SA hospital systems.

    As an LVN with several years of experience, I assume you could command $19 to $22 in the local nursing homes, but the hospital pay rates will be downright piddling...

    Keep in mind that SA has more nursing schools per capita than any large city in Texas. All of the new nurses graduating into the local employment market every few months only serves to keep the wages somewhat depressed, especially in the acute care hospital setting.
  11. by   CPLove2013
    I worked in a San Antonio area hospital until recently as an LVN. I had approx 4 years experience when I started and my pay was less than $17/hr.
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    Ugh, depressing. Well hopefully I get into the lvn-rn program in October. Thank you all for the input. I wish I could say I had years of experience as a nurse, I just took my NCLEX this Feb. 6 months won't get me anything. I know nursing isnt the best paying job in the world but i am thinking i am in for a huge pay cut. Once again thanks for the input!!
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    Please keep Cost of Living in mind to maintain some perspective. Alaska & Texas are very different. SA has a very low overall COL. Just did a quick comparison on the CNN site Cost of Living Calculator: Compare the Cost of Living in Two Cities - CNNMoney. $50k in Alaska = $35,643 in San Antonio.
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    That's a pretty cool site HouTex! Thank you for that link!