1st job as LVN

  1. Hey guys... I just wanted to annouce that I got my first job as a LVN. It's not at a hospital on a MED-SURG unit that my instructors practically demanded that we get, but it's a very nice nursing facility in Huntington Beach, CA. It has a snf, icf, and assisted living...it's really great. I start orientation on Monday, I'm so happy!!!
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  3. by   HONEYBEAR
    Congrats on the new job, I listened to my instructors when I was looking for my 1st job, and I went into the acute care setting...which I hated....I am now working in a 63 bed ltc facility, and I love it. Let us all know how the job is going......Good luck, and enjoy your new career, you have worked hard for it.:hatparty:
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Congratulations, babe!
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  6. by   ajohnsonLVN
    Thanks for the CONGRATS you guys... OMG,I'm nervous and excited :hatparty: :uhoh21: :hatparty:
    I'll keep you guys posted
  7. by   luvltc
    Congratulations!! :hatparty:

    Sometimes you have to follow your own heart and do what is best for you.

    Best wishes.
  8. by   SE_BSN_RN
    Hey good luck! I am on the 3rd week of my first job as a new grad in a LTC setting here in CO. That's funny your instructor's said get a job in acute care....mine in Santa Clara, CA always said start out in LTC. I didn't want LTC but, as a new grad the hospitals don't hire unless you know the right people. I have around 29 patients to give meds and do treatments for and am getting a rhythm going so I can get off work on time (I usually end up staying over a half hour to finish paperwork and whatnot.) So good luck! i hope you find that to be a great facility for you! Definately keep us posted!
  9. by   JazzyLPN
    Hats off to you
    My instructors also wanted us to start on med surg. I'm so nervous about actually being a nurse now, I'm putting off finding a job. Sad huh? I just can't get over the fear. I wish you well, I hope you love it!
  10. by   HONEYBEAR
    So how is the new job going?
  11. by   ajohnsonLVN
    My job is going great. They're giving 2 weeks orientation since Im a new grad, Im working the night shift because I go to school during the day, and getting paid $20/hr with bebefits starting in 30 days...I can't complain. Any facility has issues or flaws and I seen that working as a CNA for the last 3 years so whatever they dish at me I think I can take it. The only fear I think I have is if there is a "problem" and I don't exactly follow the protocol, the next shift comes in complaining their ass off (I haven't experienced this personally, but still). I think it's ridiculous when charge nurses don't work together and they're constantly putting the blame on each other...What happened to team work and team nursing? But other than that I like the place
  12. by   HONEYBEAR
    So glad to hear the new job is going okay.
  13. by   august_snow
    congratulations! i am so happy for you! it gives me hope for when i finish school!