$23/ hr OK?

  1. SO I just got offered a job at SNF paying $23 per hour, is that a good starting pay ? BTW I just had my LVN license last Oct 2017 and only been working since Dec 2017 at AL ( so that's 2 months) for the same pay rate. I just thought SNF pays better lol . Im thinking of resigning from my job from AL and just work FT at the SNF. any suggestions??

    Thank you
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  3. by   caliotter3
    It certainly beats $12 or $14 an hour, but rest assured, you will earn every penny. Good luck.
  4. by   ms04drip
    Hah! My first job as an LPN was $6.95! That was 1988. You now make what I do now,doesn't really seem fair, but good for you! Lotta places ask you about your experience I say 30 years they say oh we acknowledge five years . Great. .
  5. by   osis
    I believe salary also depends on the location, I live in L.A. so I guess pay is higher since cost of living here is much higher compared to other places.

    Anyway, I tried working on the SNF that I just got in but its not for me lol. Too much stress and too much thing to do. So I decided to stay in my current job. The pay is the same so why not. lol
  6. by   pinoy27
    Which place you currently working now? Just curious.
  7. by   Lumaco3
    That is certainly a good salary. Congrats I started at 9.54
  8. by   lkihl
    Average in Colorado starts around $22/he if that helps!
  9. by   XtallNurseNelly
    California lvn 8+ years since 2009.
    Veterans Affairs clinics $22 hr
    Home health $17-$19 thru agency
    State Inp Medi Cal Home health nurse $24.42
    Detox Rehabs $20-$23
    School Nurse $20.89
    Kaiser Lvn $25-$30
  10. by   Cuttykupcake
    I'm in NorCal and just received my license last month. I'm working at a specialty clinic mon-fri and make $25/hr. I also have a per diem agency job that I sometimes work on Saturdays for $29/hr.
    During my job hunt I got offers from a memory care facility for $30/hr and corrections for $33.50/hr. I chose the jobs that most appealed to me and had better hours.