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  1. Kaplan coming up in 2 months

    I found Smart Edition Academy’s online practice tests to be pretty helpful. I also heard the ACT study guide is great for the reading section. Good luck with your test!
  2. Online/Hybrid options

    Someone at your Agency would just have to sign a form stating that you’ve completed the hours through them.
  3. D in Developmental Psychology

    I would definitely retake it since most programs require at *least* a C in all prerequisites to even apply. Aim for an A, though.
  4. Hutchinson Community College- LPN to RN

    It really depends on the cohort but it is a competitive program. It never hurts to try, though. The next application period opens March 1st and goes through July 30th. Good luck!
  5. LPN Pay?

    I’m in northern CA and am currently making $40.65/hr. I have 3.5 years of experience. The pay for LVNs here is anywhere from $26-$45/hr depending on experience and if it’s a contract position or not. The average pay seems to be in the low-mid $30s. ...
  6. Online/Hybrid options

    I just got accepted to the RN bridge program at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas. All the classes are online and you travel to Kansas for clinicals each semester. They let you do them in blocks since most people don’t live in the area. During t...
  7. Hutchinson Community College- LPN to RN

    Crossing my fingers that a spot opens up for you!
  8. Hutchinson Community College- LPN to RN

    Check your emails! I got my acceptance today. SO excited! ☺️
  9. New LVN grad, any advise?

    I hope you find something much better very soon!
  10. Were you a bully in high school?

    Quite the opposite for me. Many people were nasty to me because I was “weird” and quiet (I’m on the spectrum). I learned to tune out most of their words after a while because I was too consumed by the overwhelming feelings of discomfort I was experie...
  11. New LVN grad, any advise?

    I’m sorry you’re going through that. It sounds like they are taking advantage of you because you’re new, while also keeping you from valuable/necessary orientation time that you are entitled to. Is this a place that you want to stay at or are you con...
  12. Chemistry / Microbiology

    Just take it one day at a time. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed at first but then it gets much better.
  13. Chemistry / Microbiology

    I took Chemistry at my local community college. I was really intimidated at first, but as I learned the formulas it became easier. I took micro through Pratt Community College.
  14. Chemistry / Microbiology

    Chemistry has a ton of math, but isn’t too difficult as long as you know the formulas for the equations. It’s very repetitive with all the calculations, though. Micro wasn’t very hard.
  15. Hutchinson Community College- LPN to RN

    That’s great that you were accepted to Fairmont- They’re not accepting applicants from California otherwise I would apply. Still hoping we all get into Hutchinson ☺️