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I am posting out of concern for a friend of mine at work.

We are new RN's and she has gotten caught up in someone stealing meds ( not verifying the counts and paperwork - not the stealing itself) so her license is in jeopardy. Her LPN license has not expired. If she has her RN license suspended, can she work as an LPN?


all problems would reglect on all lic.

No, she can't. Like other poster said, it reflects on all licenses.

Your friend needs to consult a lawyer.

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LPN is not a consolation prize.

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I imagine that disciplinary actions would have to be reported to all the boards that she holds an active license with...and if it's one BON that handles all nursing licenses, the LVN division is going to find out.

We can't provide legal advice: she would have to consult a lawyer.

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This is something that only her BON can tell her.

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