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Did a lot of premed courses before and I graduated with a bachelor in bio. My stats are fairly low at 3.04 cpa and 2.8 sci GPA. Took the teas exam and scored a 74. I live in the Cali area, but willing to travel. A lot of the programs I look at requires a lot of different classes like oral com, public speech, take more random classes and it's really competitive to get into. So basically take more classes with no guarantee to get in. I just want to get into an absn program and get started with my life. Any programs you guys recommend that has low requirements and realistic to get in? I am 26 and want to get moving.


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With stats that low, private and more expensive schools might be your only choice.


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There is another option: apply to ASN programs, and then do a bridge RN to BSN. If all goes well, you will be done in 3-4 years, granted you have completed all of your required pre-reqs.


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Bellarmine University in Ky. They take anyone but very high rate of students switching to two year program instead of the one year.

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Consider retaking science course and/or pre-reqs, or applying to ADN/ASN programs. My advice would be to start applying to ADN/ASN programs and complete the RN to BSN bridge eventually.