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Low GPA undergrad programs

Long story short I was a turd my first few years of college and joined the military, got straightened out and now I am trying to overcome my GPA to get into nursing school as an undergrad. Current GPA is 2.65 with 6 more prereqs that will be completed by May 2017. With the grades I have for what I'm currently enrolled in and the grades intend to have from my final prereqs, I should have a 2.7-2.8 GPA (I have 120 credits so raising GPA is difficult for me). I am trying to find a nursing program that will still accept me with a GPA that low. I don't know my prereq GPA but it is significantly higher, at least a 3.0.

Which schools overlook cumulative GPA or only look at prereq GPA for undergrads? With my amount of credit hours the advice of "take more fluff to raise your GPA" is not an option. I also have my GI bill so I can't spend a year taking fluff classes or retaking classes because I need that funding to go towards a degree program. Even if I finish my degree in another subject (Russian), I only have 13 classes remaining so my GPA would still not break 3.0 with all As. I would prefer to just complete my undergrad as a nursing student instead of doing ABSN, but if that's the only way to recovery from my bad decisions as a teenager, then so be it. Thanks for all the help.


Let me go straight to the point:

1. Having earned so many credits how come you do not have a degree? If you do, what is it?

2. If you do have a bachelor's degree in ANY field, you will have an option of applying to an accelerated BSN program that can take up to 12-15 months. However, as these programs are insanely competitive, unfortunately, your GPA is too low for you to qualify.

3. However, I am sure you can be eligible for ASN degree with your current GPA. Research schools and their admissions' requirements.

4. If, after having taken all of your pre-reqs (I am sure you should have some of the pre-reqs among your 120 credits, so find it out), your GPA is raised to 3.0, you can try your luck at applying to accelerated BSN programs because their minimum GPA is 3.0. But like I said before, with 120 credits you should have earned a bachelor's already, because to be eligible for an accelerated BSN, you already should have a bachelor's in ANY field.

You will have to lug through every single program's admission requirements that you are interested in to find out which ones overlook cGPA. Make sure you read carefully though, some schools say they use cGPA when they actually use GPA from last 60 credits or last institution attended.

You could try to apply to programs with an essay or interview so that you would have a way to explain your academic situation.

If you get your degree in Russian, and you won't even break a 3.0 I wouldn't even bother. You would most like not qualify for an ABSN and you would have wasted time and your GI Bill. If you are willing to get a degree in Russian for 13 classes why not just retake 13 classes that lowered your GPA anyway? You will still be 'wasting' your GI Bill either way but retaking courses will actually greater your chances of getting into a nursing program. At minimum, you need to retake any course you go an F in. I would also recommend retake some out your pre-reqs. (Note: some programs have restrictions of number of retakes, some limit it to only prereqs and others to all courses.)

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I urge you to contact a "vet friendly" university/nursing program. In addition to personalized academic counseling, they may offer special consideration for veterans. HERE's a good place to begin your search. Vet friendly nursing schools give special consideration to applicants with your status.


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