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  1. quarterlifemess

    Denied Nursing School.... Again

    Is 2.9 your cumulative GPA/overall GPA? Do any programs that you can reasonably get to use prereq GPA, science GPA, last 60 hour GPA as the determining factor? For example, a few programs in my area use a point system with prereq GPA used for initial determination and science GPA used for tiebreaking.
  2. quarterlifemess

    Be more confident they say

    Practice makes you more confident. Lots of practice if you have such performance anxiety. Does your program offer open lab hours? For my check offs I pretend that I'm on a cooking show or making a YouTube video. I don't really acknowledge the professor after we both agree on a start time. I sort of have a running monologue going explain what I am doing/thinking. If it is an assessment checkoff I talk to my patient (either a peer or the manikin).
  3. quarterlifemess

    How to Take Science Nursing Prerequisites

    Great general overview of the pre-req grind. I would just add that all program requirements are not the same and one should really talk to a program advisor for each program that they plan to apply to.
  4. quarterlifemess

    Intro to Chemistry or Microbiology?

    What is APHY 102? For what it's worth I took both microbiology and general chem. I preferred microbiology especially the lab portion. I guess micro is more helpful to me in nursing school with like infection control, immunity, etc.
  5. quarterlifemess

    Is it worth taking time off from school if I dont love it?

    I think you owe it yourself to take a semester/quarter off if you are questioning yourself. I think it would be better to question your decision now before shelling out the money for an ABSN then afterword and be stuck with the debt. I would not take a full year off though as material will be a little fresher in your mnd from your first class(es). If you decided to pursue something other than nursing only taking a semester/quarter off will allow you to still be familiar with 'school mode'.
  6. quarterlifemess

    Inappropriate instructor/student relationship?

    I think it is inappropriate for them to ask the instructor and for her to agree to look into the section instructors. It's annoying that they would have a heads up but it just one of those life things. I'm at the point in my program where I would just steer clear of this situation, honestly. Outside of the vacation photo, everything else would be considered hearsy. I just don't have the mental energy to be stuck in a back and forth 'investigation'. If I had no hard proof, like text messages or emails, of the instructor giving them exam hints or answers, I would just keep moving. Pick your battles and all that jazz. They can't manipulate the NCLEX. P.S. The situation is inappropriate because of the student/instructor connection, not the age differences of the parties involved. As an adult, it is not inherently weird to be friends with another adult born some decades before you.
  7. quarterlifemess

    How to Deal With a Bad Clinical

    My clinical instructor didn't really make us do anything. She did assign us patients though. Some people choose to sit and do their entire care plan but I wanted to 'get my money's worth' and created my own learning experience. Anytime the nurses or aides needed help, I was there. I made sure I knew what I was allowed to do and communicated that to the staff. If I wasn't able to do.something, I clearly said that I wasn't but asked if I could observe anyway. I would ask questions like 'what do you all put in rooms in anticipation for a new patient' and I would do that once a patient was discharged and housekeeping was finished. I helped with all patients that I could even if they were not assigned to me. I made sure my cohort knew I was available to help. I volunteered to go to procedures with my patients. The staff probably have students from multiple programs at various skill levels that do clinical on their floor. You should be the one to inform the staff of the things you are able to do. I don't mean give them a laundry list of things right after report. Say "room X needs their Foley out, I can do that if you like". Or "we haven't learned trach care yet but I will like to observe when you do it". Now with the gossiping staff, I'll stay there for a moment if I think it will be a quick rant otherwise I wonder off even if it is to go look at all the supplies in clean utility.
  8. quarterlifemess

    Nursing Grading Scale

    My scale is similar. However, I don't think the scale is that big of a deal, in and of itself. I've bounced around to many schools due to relocating a lot. Outside of the (hard/natural) science and sometimes math departments, this is the normal scale for any other class at the campuses I attended. The actual difference is not being able to move forward due not reaching a grade of 'average'. Or only having 1 repeat attempt to get back on track. While I can empathize with the individual about being dismissed from a program by 0.01 point, I don't think it is unreasonable for a program to except that, at minimum, a nursing student has showcased average competence in the program before giving the green light to the state BON for an ATT for the NCLEX. Honestly, this isn't something I would hyperfocus on. In my program, the grading scale is only one piece of the puzzle on continuing in the program. They also judge our professionalism, clinical progression, and attendence. These things weed more people out than the grading scale in my program.
  9. quarterlifemess

    Help! How did you pass Chemistry 1032!!

    Is CHM 1032 a general chemistry class?
  10. quarterlifemess

    Taking stats and worried

    As a general statement: No, your chances of being a nurse are not over. Getting into a nursing program boils down to two things: 1. The criteria for admission set by a specific program. 2. The other applicants applying for the same program at the same time as you. You need to find out the admission details on schools you plan on applying too. Things to make note of are: Accreditation Qualified by your state's BON as a program eligible to sit for the NCLEX Cost of program GPA requirements and how it is calculated for admission purposes (overall GPA, only pre-req GPA, etc, etc) Withdrawal policy Course Repeating policy Entrance exam (TEAS, HESI, etc) required scores and amount of attempts. Pre-reqs, Co-reqs, and supporting courses Stage at which you can apply (Some programs allow you to apply with certain prereqs outstanding. They are to be completed by the time you start the program) How they determine admission (points system, lottery, waitlist, etc) How they determine any tie-breakers I'm probably missing something in my list of what to look for, but that is a general idea. If, by some weird chance, the school you are currently at won't accept the C or a repeated course then find a different program. Many people had a rough go at their first attempt in college, myself included. However, they turn things around, get in to a nursing program, pass the NCLEX, and become excellent nurses. Don't give up over a single 'C'.
  11. quarterlifemess

    What Should I Do?

    I took all those classes in one 15 week semester, earned a 4.0. At my school, AP II and Micro were perfect together as there was a lot of overlap in content namely the immune system. Statistics made me want to pull my hair out. I hated every minute of it. I love math, especially algebra, and enjoy finding X. What I don't like is getting all up in X's business and interpreting X's feelings. I highly recommend taking Stats on campus. I think me taking it online did not help the situation at all. Knowing what I know now, I would personally take AP II + Micro in a full semester. And Stats (or Satan as I often refer to it) alone preferably in a shorter semester as to not draw out the agony*. *Your miles may vary, my opinions on Statistics is not universal. You may learn to love the demon child.
  12. quarterlifemess

    Nerves, Nerves, nerves everywhere!

    Ignore the instructor. I just talk loud so they can hear me and talk to the manikin like they are an actual patient. If I have to inform them of anything I just basically just state it as if I were talking aloud to myself. I find their writing and attempted lack of facial expressions distracting.
  13. quarterlifemess

    Starting the 4 year RN program at 29

    I mean it really doesn't matter. If you want it, go for it. Don't know too much about ultrasound but if it is flexible you can do it while completing your pre-reqs and while in your RN program. I'm 27, currently in fundamentals. I will be 29 when I finish my ADN. I plan to work a year or two until tuition reimbursement kicks in and then go for my BSN. That puts me around 33 when I finish my BSN. This is similar to your time frame and I can tell you this: I don't care that I will be 33 when I finish my BSN. Would it have been better if I have pursued nursing sooner, sure. Was I actually ready to pursue nursing school right out of high school, definitely not. I can't change the past and I will have 35+ years to have a career in nursing. BTW my cohort has 3-4 peers age 18-24. Most are 25-45 with about 3-4 over 50. Literally the only time age has been a factor was when we couldn't sit in the bar area at a restaurant because we had two peers under 21 with us. The tacos were still awesome though.
  14. quarterlifemess

    Is taking Human Anatomy at the same time as Chemistry a bad idea?

    I took AP I and General Chem together and AP II and Micro together. I would NOT recommend taking Chem and AP together if you can at all help it. They are two different heavy science courses that need loads of separate study time. AP II and Micro were a cake walk together as they definitely complemented each other and often times overlapped in content covered. I spent significant less time studying when taking AP II and Micro together due to similar concepts.
  15. quarterlifemess

    How hard is stats compared to A&P?

    I am strong in math and actually enjoy it. While Stats has calculations in it, it is more about the interpretation/analysis of said calculations. The interpretations drove. me. NUTS. For reference, I took AP II, Microbiology, and Statistics last semester and my hardest class was Stats. I spent most of my study time on this class. I had a similar experience to Jen: took it online, forced to use a certain computer program the entire semester, then told 2 days before the final that not only did we have to come to campus to take it but we were only allowed to use our calculators. I ended up with a 93.18 (4.0=93.0, no rounding) which genuinely surprised me because I walked out of the final in tears as I was convinced I had bombed it. English Composition is as hard and time-consuming as your instructor makes it. At my school, some instructors only add a couple of assignments to the department requirements while others load up on a ton of "busy work" assignments. At my school, we have two 7-week summer session with a week break in-between them. However, certain classes that begin in the first session runs the full 15 weeks. If you have the option, I would take Stats for 15 weeks. If English is only offered in a 7 week (or whatever short length) format, I would take it in the first summer session. In my Stats class, the first couple weeks were deceptively easy (finding mean, mode, median, etc). It was more so right before the midterm where things started to get a little uncomfortable for me.
  16. quarterlifemess

    Help!!!I don't know what to do next

    Why did you fail your two nursing programs? I understand that you missed the cutoff but why? What was the cause of you not being successful in the classroom portion? Was it the tests? Were you working too many hours and thus not able to study enough? This is what I would determine before trying to get into another LPN or RN program.

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