Tulane University Hospital

  1. Any nurses out there working for Tulane? Just interested in what people think of the hospital.
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  3. by   meaganellise
    I have not personally worked for Tulane, but I have heard a some negative things about them from people who worked there and some nursing students who had clinicals there. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt since some people find the negative in every situation.
  4. by   cpkRN
    I have heard nothing but negative about Tulane. 3 people I know had a contract to work 2 years at Tulane and have their school paid for by them. All 3 quit within 6 months and said they'd rather pay their way out of the contract than lose their license. The biggest complaint was insane nurse to patient ratios and very little precepting before being turned loose on the floor. This was all on a med surg floor, I can't speak for the others. These definitely aren't negative people, either. .
  5. by   stl2nola72
  6. by   nurseratchet504
    Well said, nola! I was PRN on the Peds unit for a whole two months. They were paying $35/hr. and I only have 4 years experience. Not even worth it. I would cry when I knew I had to work. You'll learn alot, but possibly lost your license in the process. INSANITY!
  7. by   stl2nola72
    No kiddin-I didn't lose my license but they fired my ass on a trumped up lie. I called BS on the supervisor for defaming me and harrassing me and made an HR complaint. They paid me back by getting her friend in a case with me and this thing accused me of sedating a patient inappropriately when I did NOTHING wrong. I had a spotless reputation when I went to work there. They denied me unemployment and I had to go in front of a judge to get it and I won. He basically exonerated me and said that they had no preponderance of evidence that the alleged incident took place and that most of their evidence was hearsay anyway. The thing is, they are still giving me horrible references and saying I was fired for misconduct and the only way I can stop them is to sue. I can't find an attorney to take the case. I have been unemployed for 5 months and have probably lost out on 100 jobs due to their references. My credit it destroyed, I'm about to be evicted and lose my car. I am in the middle of trying to start a travel contract next week and even it is about to fall through. I really hope that KARMA bites all those crazy people eventually, but I gotta say I am super relieved not to work with those mean and nasty people anymore either.
  8. by   nurseratchet504
    OMG! That is so horrible to hear and sadly, not at all hard to believe. The nurses were so mean and would leave STAT orders for the next shift to do (like a kid with febrile seizures with a STAT order for Tylenol-FOR FEVER)!! The work ethic of the entire place is just jacked up. Not only that, I got two days of orientation because I'd had experience as a peds nurse at another hospital-with completely different pumps and policies, no familiarity with the computer charting, etc. The second day, my "preceptor" sat on her ass and did nothing. Needless to say, no one could/would even help each other out cause we were all drowning. Horrible, horrible place to work!
  9. by   nola1202
    same thing happened to me at tch (moderator edit of identifying information at this institution - please do not identify anyone at this institution per terms of service)
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  10. by   gcupid
    Never heard anything good about the place from anyone. You do not have to take my word as a grain of salt....I have personal experience from working over there. All I can say is that a few nurses really believed in teamwork. None of them care for the place but because they like some of their coworkers they stay.
  11. by   Isabelle49
    Charity Hospital of New Orleans was the best!
  12. by   NurseLAE
    i know this thread is old, but i was wondering if you took the job offer from Tulane?