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  1. meaganellise

    Getting Sick at Work

    How many nurses have gotten sick at work and have had to go to the ER? I had a crazy experience last night and ended up in my hospitals ER for TIA-like symptoms. All my tests came back negative thank goodness, plus I am not even in my thirties yet and have no risk factors for a TIA, so the MD isn't really sure what was going on with me. Just wondering if anyone else has been in the middle of their shift and ended up in the ER......
  2. meaganellise

    Staffing levels on Telemetry Units

    Where I work the standard is up to five pts if we have aids, but only four pts each if we don't have any nursing aids. This is for night shift.
  3. meaganellise

    Should I tell my NM or not???

    I'm not sure how productive it would be to tell your NM considering your previous response stating that this charge nurse gets very defensive when she feels she is being questioned. I am not sure that will make her change her ways and you also previously stated that many other ER nurses do this. (I have to go off of your references since I work on the floor. :) Also, maybe the NM did or does the same thing when she is in the ER? I guess I am also worried about how it will affect your relationship with the other nurse. If you speak with anyone about it, I think you should start with your co-worker and then work your way up. At the end of the day, you need to do what you feel is best, regardless of the consequences. Personally, I wouldn't say anything because the dilaudid was not the cause of her hypotension. I would just remember this the next time I was working with the nurse in question.
  4. meaganellise

    Should I tell my NM or not???

    Considering she had to go to surgery, and had to have pressors and blood I am assuming that the quick administration of the dilaudid was not what caused her pressure to drop so quickly. Did she have some sort of internal bleeding?
  5. meaganellise

    Really starting to get depressed

    First off, you need to know that a lot of people come here to vent. My husband is more than willing to listen to me gripe about a bad night at work, but he doesn't get it the way another nurse does. I come here to vent because there are sympathetic ears who can understand my frustrations or help me with my issues or questions. I can honestly say that I have more good shifts at work than bad. When I have a string of bad shifts, it usually has something to do with what is going on in my life outside of work, not really what is happening at work. I try to stay positive. Not to say that things never go wrong. Sometimes co-workers suck, sometimes we are understaffed and sometimes the pts are just super needy and annoying! No work place in perfect, but you can make the best of any situation. As far as pay goes, nurses will never make enough money. How do you put a price on the services of someone who may just save your life??? I do feel that I make a nice salary, especially considering I only work three days a week. Don't give up on your dream of nursing. I feel like I have a job where I make a difference and change people's lives. My job matters and that makes it worth it to me.
  6. meaganellise

    Review of Louisiana nursing school option

    Our Lady of the Lake is in Baton Rouge, but they have accelerated programs in New Orleans, including at Tulane University Hospital (Not Toulane). I graduated from their accelerated program, but it was held at a different hospital. I am assuming you have a previous bachelor's degree. You will probably need several pre-reqs to get into the program. Be ready to commit for the full 10 months. It is a pretty intense program, but you are done in no time. I had no trouble getting a job when I graduated. Do note that Our Lady of the Lake is a private school, so tuition and fees are higher than they would be at a public university.
  7. meaganellise

    Am I the only one?!!

    I agree! There are always those people who seem to be calling in all the time. Then there are the people who come in sick all the time and get the rest of the staff sick! There doesn't seem to be a lot of in-between!
  8. meaganellise

    Can RNs pull Picc Lines

    Both facilities that I have worked at allow RNs to pull PICC lines.
  9. meaganellise

    Experienced RN Job Market.

    I am an rn in Louisiana who has just over a years experience. I applied for two jobs, interviewed at both hospitals. Got a job offer from one of the jobs on the same day and accepted. It may make a difference that I work the night shift, but I didn't have too much trouble.
  10. meaganellise

    Moving to Baton Rouge

    Happy to announce that I already have an interview at OLOL. Applied yesterday and got a call from HR yesterday.
  11. meaganellise

    is a BSN going to soon be required?

    I find this topic interesting because of my situation. You see, I have an adn, but I also have a bachelors degree in mass communications. I am interested to see how this affects my future job prospects. :)
  12. meaganellise

    IV Flushes

    It would take a lot of air to do any damage to someone from a peripheral iv, so don't worry about that. :).
  13. meaganellise


    I agree with the idea that no one is prepared to come out of school and start nursing. It is a tough profession and there is a steep learning curve. However, I can definitely say that I am 100 times the nurse now then I was on my first day. How are your time management skills? Do you work day shift or night shift?
  14. meaganellise

    IV push concerns

    How much blood was in the iv line and port line? I have had pts who were saline-locked have blood back up into their iv line. Its not something that concerned me. I have also seen blood back up into a line when I stopped an infusion for a few minutes.
  15. meaganellise

    Moving to Baton Rouge

    My husband and I are seriously considering making a move to Baton Rouge from northeast Louisiana and I wanted to get some input on the various hospitals in the area (OLOL, Baton Rouge General, Women's, Ochsner, etc). What are the pros and cons of the hospitals and what kind of pay scale can I expect? How is the market for nurses in the area? I currently have a little over a year of experience on a telemetry floor and have been working nights. I am not married to the idea of working in any particular area at the moment, just trying to find what fits me best. Thanks in advance for the information. Have a great day! :)
  16. meaganellise

    When is the best time to eat while working nights?

    My usual meal routine is to wake up around 4:15-4:30, and eat around 5 before I go to work. I eat a full meal. I eat "lunch" around 1:30 or 2 and then I eat something light (cereal, nutri-grain bar, etc.) when I get home. I haven't gained any weight since working night shift. I think one of the tricks is to bring your own food. Part of the biggest issue I see is co-workers ordering fast food to eat at work every night. Since I bring my own food, I avoid that pitfall.