Tulane Starting Salary

  1. Just wondering if there's any truth to the rumor that Tulane is starting RNs out at $33/hr base pay...
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  3. by   Shan504
    I read on this forum a couple of posts back that Tulane starts new grads out at 20.58/hr--base pay. But I'm curious to know the truth myself!!!
  4. by   Cmunst45636
    I dunno anyone on here would know, but I am wondering if some hospitals will hire a new grad as a PRN nurse?? I heard someone who has, but it just seems like you would need to have some work experience first.
  5. by   Dallas_RN
    Starting salay is $20.58+ shift diff. which I believe is $3.00 nights and $5.00 weekends.
  6. by   jemommyRN
    I was told that the starting salary was $21.00/hr. Not sure what the nights and diffs are but, if the RN is not getting benefits, then it could easily be around $30/hr.
  7. by   Sunshine0425
    It was 22.00 base a few months ago. Another 10 dollars for nights and weekends....this is what I was told from the nurses who work there. I am having clinicals there currently. I know an RN on the floor who is at 37.00 an hour on days.