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  1. Hello Louisiana Nurses! I am currrently living in Washington state but plan to move to SW Louisiana in August. I was wondering if my soon-to-be Louisiana collegues could help me out. I am interested in emergency nursing and behavioral health. What facilities would you recommend? (Anywhere between Alexandria and Lake Charles). I have researched various facilities via internet but you can only learn so much electronically. Also, what is the average starting pay in Louisiana? I know it is much lower than here, but I do not know how much. I started out at $23/hr and ended up with $24.5/hr after 9 mos. BUT......the cost of living is higher too.
    I appreciate any thoughts. Thank You!
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  3. by   J Lynn
    Hi, I live in SE LA and I'm a new LPN. So i'm still researching pay myself.

    I did look up the salary for a Staff RN in Lake Charles and the range is $42,000- $48,000 a year. You can look up www.salary.com to look at other specialties.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   CindyJRN
    Welcome to Louisiana. The payscale throughout the state is pretty much the same. I live and work in the NW part of the state near Shreveport. LPNs are now averaging $12-14 an hour in hospitals, $14-16 in nursing homes. RN's are averaging $21 an hour base pay in hospitals, with differentials for BSN or other certifications. Hospitals also pay on average $3.00 more for weekend, evening, and night differentials. Factor in 8hr vs. 12hr shifts. RNs are also hired for LTC facilities at different rates. Remember, the cost of living will be quite different. Have you applied for a LA license? We also have CEU's required for RNs; none at this time for LPNs. Hope this info helps a little bit. There is also plenty of agency work if you don't want a long committment.
  5. by   nicmoe
    Thanks a lot for the info I am a lpn looking to relocate I specialize in psych and geriatrics I know in wisconsin lpns earn more in nursing homes than hospitals the rates $14-16 hr are those base or with differential. I also wanted to know does new orleans pay more than outside parishes or vice versa. If so do you know any good nursing facilities or corporations to work for. I have my louisiana license but unsure about the wages.
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  6. by   J Lynn
    At Ochsner Foundation in New Orleans, LPNs start at $11.55. $2 extra for nights and $3 more for weekend nights. I talked to someone who works there just last week. There is even talk that it might go up.

    PS. I'm hoping to get a job there real soon.
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  7. by   nicmoe
    oh thats really low I couldnt survive off those wages what type of work is ocsnher clinic hospital or long term care.
  8. by   J Lynn
    I just edited my post. After I went to bed I remembered that I put the wrong strarting pay. It's really $11.55. And you already thought the $12.55 was low :chuckle .

    Ochsner is a hugh teaching hospital. It's one of the most respected hospitals in LA. Their website is www.ochsner.org if you want to look at their job openings. To tell you the truth, unless you work LTC, that's about the pay you'll get here, unless you got some med/surg experience and then you can probably negotiate your pay.
  9. by   cajun
    hi I live and work in sw louisiana starting pay for new graduate is 17.50 an hour with 4.00 evening shift diff. and 6.00 on nights. 10% extra on weekends. This is what my pay is. I have a some buddies of mine that work at other hospitals in Lake Charles where I live that make the same. As for as Lafayette and Alexandria I really don't know.
  10. by   J Lynn
    Is that for RNs or LPNs?
  11. by   ddc101
    You can always get a private duty/staffing/agency job here in Lafayette area and start at fifteen to seventeen per hour with all benefits.Look up Complete if you are an LPN or Prestige if you are an RN.The hospitals also pay well depending on where you apply.Most of the nursing homes pay LPN's around twelve to thirteen to start some more/some less.Really good pay for LPN's here is rehab work.But then we know and respect the work involved so you earn every penny.I currently do critical care peds for an agency.Lots of trachs,vents etc.That also pays well.But you have to be experienced because those little boogers take a dive quick.
  12. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    Quote from J Lynn
    Is that for RNs or LPNs?
    That would have to be for RNs.
    Of course New Orleans Hospitals may be higher but the cost of living is higher there also (tourism).
    From what I have heard/read Louisiana averages for NEW Nurses are about:

    CNA $8-$10
    LPN $10-$15
    RN $16-$20

  13. by   ddc101
    Quote from LouisianaNurse2006
    That would have to be for RNs.
    Of course New Orleans Hospitals may be higher but the cost of living is higher there also (tourism).
    From what I have heard/read Louisiana averages for NEW Nurses are about:

    CNA $8-$10
    LPN $10-$15
    RN $16-$20

    Actually it depends where you work.The rehabs pay starting fifteen for LPN's and Private duty about sixteen.However the state correctional is paying my friend twenty-two plus good bennies.You can't beat that.Rn's here make 22 -25-27 if you include diffs.But still it depends on what you are doing.I have a good friend (RN) who works travel and lives here.She got a local contract and is around thirty with great benes.She even get housing and elec. allowances.What it depends on is paying your dues when you are first employed as a nurse and being a good worker who can get good refs.That will take you along way.It has taken me through twelve years and still going.
  14. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    Good point, however, I was talking base pay averages for new nurses at hospitals, I geuss I should have been more specific, thanks for correcting me.

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