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I am in the process of trying to make my final decision between Panola College and Northwestern State University in Shreveport. Panola has their online/flex option (clinicals at night and on weekend... Read More

  1. by   jesswus
    Most right around 20 give or take and goes up with completion of ACLS and Telemetry if you don't already have them within the first month. If you don't need health benefits, can increase by as much as 6 an hour, not really sure how all that is gonna be affected by new HC legislation though. Differentials is what makes the diff, and of course a specialty (cath lab for example) would add another 3 an hour or so i believe. Oh, and good luck in 2nd level, a good friend of mine graduated from panola.
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  2. by   carla1987
    Quote from bassadict69
    So far, there have not been many I would like to see move over there! BPCC has an awesome reputation for taking care of students & putting them first! Not many from NSU would fit in with that!

    I have also heard that Psych puts the hurting to a few each semester & was told to kick butt on the OB & Neuro or whatever the other is so OB will not hurt near as much!
    I am actually looking forward to cardiac in 4th...I also work as an EMT so I see a lot of cardiac problems but am pretty much lost with most of it, but do learn a little each time from my paramedics.

    I definitely agree with you on that. Also I have not forgotten about your PM, just still have not acquired enough posts to respond. That particular professor's last name does start with a "C" though. Although I know that does not narrow it down too much, it kind of gives you an idea. As soon as I get enough posts, I'll respond to your PM.
  3. by   k-t-did
    I'm a panola student, and just wanted to say that it is complete BS that local hospitals will hire a NSU grad over a Panola grad. It's simply not true. WK partners with NSU, indeed. But it's a local school/local hospital. It makes sense. Why would an East Tx school partner with a Shreveport hospital? Sure, they will make space for the few NSU grads that go through with their partnership, but that is not to say that they would hire ANY NSU grad over a Panola grad.

    In fact, LSU will not hire NSU grads straight out of school to work in their ER, but routinely hire fresh Panola grads. We graduate with ACLS straight out of school. That's just one example...

    I work at Schumpert, and have done clinical at WK...I have heard on several occasions that the nurses LOVE when the Panola students come because their attitudes are much better. Now, I don't know why they would say this were it not true, at least in their opinions.

    NSU gets a bad rap for many reasons, one of which is the superior, cocky attitudes of the students. This is also quite evident in this thread!
  4. by   Citigyrl
    Hi. K-T this is in response to your message. I am a NSU grad and you are correct when you say "SOME-NSU grads are cocky and feel superior". That should not be, regardless of the school you graduated from. NSU gets the respect they get because of the seniority of their program. The name alone commands respect. This is not to say that all their grads are elite. It's just like when you go car shopping and you pick a Honda over a Cheverolet. It's not guaranteed that the Honda will run better but the name has a quality performance with it. As a RN I feel we ALL must stop being cocky because we have obtained a degree and a comfortable standard of living. The true skills shine through the patient care that is given. Some people are butt holes reardless of the school they graduate from...it's called differences in personalities. Nursing is difficult I don't care where you go because it causes you to think "out of the box". Critical thinking can be harder for some. I encourage us to lift nurses up and support them regardless of the school one attends. No 1 school is better than the other, it's all about what you learn...Believe me there were some that graduated and passed NCLEX that don't know a venous blood draw from an arterial...BTW I work at LSU and we don't like hiring new grads in the ER...PERIOD...the pace is too fast and the risk are too great.
  5. by   jesswus
    "In fact, LSU will not hire NSU grads straight out of school to work in their ER, but routinely hire fresh Panola grads. We graduate with ACLS straight out of school. That's just one example..."

    I now work at WK, but have worked at LSU and have several friends who currently work there in SI and Neuro ICU, and this is news to me. I don't know who told you that but its simply not true. I would love to sit in on that selection process: "Hmmm well, we are very short on nurses and candidate A seems great but is a southern grad, but candidate B went to Panola, I think we will hire them for an ER job that we don't even hire new nurses for". Im calling BS on that one.

    "We graduate with ACLS straight out of school. That's just one example..."

    One example of what? That Panola is a better school? Don't make me laugh. Also, I am not sure how it is now at NSU but they used to offer ACLS as well, but it is not near what you get from ACLS provided by hospitals, and you have to pay for it. I would pay to see someone fresh out of school with ACLS work a code....Me personally I would rather get the better, free ACLS provided by my employer.
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  6. by   TXRN2B13
    is anyone enrolled in the panola one program? i would love to hear your thoughts about admissions and the program based on your experiences. (lecture online, but can clinicals be arranged in hospitals closer to my home? is there ever a need to drive to carthrage?) panola's website doesn't state how many applicants they accept each semester. nor does it say what they base their acceptance on (gpa, points etc.). i would be most appreciative for any information you have to share!