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Hi! I noticed that there were a few people around the forums that were going to apply to Charity for spring of 2014. I was wondering if Charity would accept a HESI score that I took for LSU? LSU was... Read More

  1. by   sirI
    You can post your email on the public threads, as long as you are not soliciting. But, we HIGHLY discourage doing this. Spammers lurk here and the results (for you) could be anywhere from annoying to dangerous giving out your email. So, think hard before you post your private email addy.

    As for sending private messages, once a member has at least 15 "quality" posts (not merely boosting your post count), then you are able to send a private message. We do this to discourage using AN to spam our members.
  2. by   budderflize
    I am going to the Advising session today... If anyone from the Northshore wants to tag along lmk... I am leaving @ about 10:15 am
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  3. by   Jillmarie63
    Hey Jamie! I am going to e-mail you so you can give me the link!!!
  4. by   clc1988
    Hey guys, I know I'm a little late to this forum. I'm in for Spring 2014 and hoping to get to know everyone. I went to the Tuesday session. I meet with my advisor yesterday who gave me the low down and took me and another student on a tour. I'm definitely drinking the nursing school kool-aid already, everything is so exciting. I live on the east bank, not sure where I want to do my clinicals yet any suggestions?

  5. by   Skillz
    lol @ nursing school kool-aid! haha, I think we all are on it at this point. Hopefully our enthusiasm will last once we start! Everyone is warning us about not having a life, etc. I think we can all handle it. I went to the open house on Saturday and they said if we can make it through all it takes to actually get to nursing school then there's no reason we can't be successful IN nursing school. Sounds like legit advice to me! I can't wait to get going. I bought my uniform this week and already ordered one of my textbooks (Nursing ethics). I think I found it on Amazon for the cheapest. January will be here before we now it!
  6. by   clc1988
    Did they not tell you the Ebooks were mandatory? My Advisor and past students told me even if we buy hard copies we need the ebooks, which is cool because it's only $450.00 for the entire two years. That sounds like a very logical outlook, thanks for sharing. If you don't mind me asking how much was the uniform with the patches etc?
  7. by   Skillz
    Yes I know ebooks are manditory but one our required texts is not an ebook. Nursing Ethics is not an ebook. (and only about $20 online) I'm so glad we only have to buy our textbooks at the beginning and we're good for the two years.

    The uniform tops are about $25 a piece and the pant cost will vary because you can pick your own style. Also lab coat cost will vary because you can pick your own style. I think mine was about $25 or so. I didn't see any that were more expensive than $30. I only bought one pair of pants at Bayou because I figured I could just order another online.
  8. by   clc1988
    That's good too know thanks!! That's not as bad as I thought. Good idea with ordering online for the second pair. Thank you for sharing, I'll see you at orientation! =)
  9. by   budderflize
    Has anyone received their LSBN approval letters in the mail yet? Getting down to the last pieces of the puzzle before we start and getting anxious
  10. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    No I haven't. Yeah I know what you mean. So many emotions...ready to get started!
  11. by   tracemee
    So have you guys gotten everything done besides the CPR and TB?
  12. by   budderflize
    I just had my second TB done yesterday, going to have it read tomorrow... CPR done, all other Health complete... just waiting on the LSBN letter for clinical. I do realize that I did my TB early... I didn't want to cut it down to the wire... too much stress flying around lol
    Next year does not require a 2 step test, but I will have to have it done before the end of Fall semester.
    The Spring 2014 sections with times and instructors are up on LoLA if anyone was not aware. Just throwing that out there. I have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choices ready for Reg. day... I just want to start!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    You are on a roll. Yes it is winding down and deadline have to be met. Thanks for the Lola info...I will have to check that out.