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I am thinking about moving to the US in the next year and would love to get into burn nursing. Any good hospitals on the west coast. Also what is the starting wadge in the US and do you have to physically cross the border to write the NCLEX (Canada/US border).

Any suggestions would be great! Thanx.

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Since I am from Oz I can't help you a lot but I am putting together burns resources I don't know if anything in those threads will help.


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Probably not but thank you though.


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Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Supposedly many new burn technologies/treatments have sprung out of research done in this unit (it's cutting edge). It's also a level one trauma center, and receives pts from 5 states.


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Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA:

Oh, starting wage is approximately $22/hr for new grads, more for experienced nurses (many experienced nurses I work with make $30/hr), plus shift and weekend differentials. Second shift is about $2 more an hour, third about $3 more. Weekend premiums are an extra $4/hr.

Travelers make more.

As for the NCLEX, I thought you had to reside in a US state to take it, but I could be wrong. Are you already a nurse?


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You don't have to reside in the US to take it. You just cross the border to get to a testing center and write it. It is fastest to register for the exam through Minnesota, then once you take and pass the NCLEX, transfer your lisence to the state you plan on working in.

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You also must go through the Visa Screen process. The forms to download are available through http://www.CGFNS.org. This is a requirement for all nurses, whether on a green card or a NAFTA Visa. The NCLEX exam is only offered in the US and its territories..........................



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If you go to http://www.burnsurvivor.com

and look under resources.

If you were in the SE I would recommend UAB. I was a burn patient there.

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Hi! Sacramento, California has a new Shriner's Hospital. Opened a few years ago and is very nice. Probably more info on it on the Shriner's website...:)

P.S. Sacramento (and it's outlying suburbs) is a very nice place to live. Plus you're only about 2hrs away from San Francisco or Reno!

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Sherman Oaks, Ca (near Los Angeles) there is a burn hospital (small)

I second the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington one! :) It has an excellent Burn Unit that you should look into. I'm not sure of the pay rates or anything like that as I'm not employed by them but my daughter went there years ago for care, and still does for follow-up surgeries, etc.

Another one you might check out is Shriners Hospital for Children in Spokane. They, too, have some treatment and care for Burn survivors.

Good luck in your search!



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Emanuel Hospital in Portland, OR has a burn unit, as well.


Good luck to you! :)

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