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Looking for scholarships/grant information to help with nursing school

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I am currently taking a couple of academic courses towards nursing school run by a local hospital (I was accepted into their program and begin my 2nd year - the first of two years of clinicals - Fall 2011) The Bachelors in Education (as a science teacher) I attained a long time ago took care of most of the core classes. So far, I have been funding the few remaining core academic courses myself. However, I am looking for any info on Scholarships and grants to help fund what I have left. I am trying to find legitimate sources and avoid those that appear as scams or those who just want to spam me. I was wondering if anyone here had any luck or experience with finding, applying and getting them.



*Check the Department of Health for your state.

*Also, just google different terms, like "Scholarship + african american/indian/mexican" or whatever your ethnicity, hobby, single mother, whatever you can think of and see what comes up. I found alot of Scholarships that way. Also use "nurse or nursing" in the search.

*Also, go into your financial aide office. They usually have scholarships posted somwhere. Ask them what time of year they do alot. At my previous school, many of the financial aide scholarships came out Jan, Feb and April.

*Fastweb.com is a good site, last time I used them I had to weed through a bunch of stuff. I hope they've gotten better in the past few years.

*Also, ask around and keep your eyes open. I found scholarships at random places. Like certain clubs give scholarships, Lion's Club, Elk's Club.

*And go to the financial aide office of the nursing school you've been accepted to. They usually have a ton of scholarships/access to them. Once you've been accepted to nursing school you can usually apply to any nursing scholarship. Alot of nursing clubs have scholarships, you can check their website.

*Your local soroptomist club (women's club to help women) has scholarships. They usually help women from disadvanted backgrounds who are bettering their lives. You can see past winners on any group site.

*If you are a single parent, be sure to apply for assistance at your junior college. Mine was called EOPS (and I was not on welfare, just low income, so they helped a bit with lunches and books).

*If you have any type of disability (dyslexia, health condition, etc) be sure to apply at disability office at college. Sometimes by going through them, you can get priority registration, which helps alot in getting those coveted biology classes. It also gave me a quiet place to study when needed.

good luck, It's almost a full time job funding your education, but it can be done. I was single with two small kids when I started (ages 3 and 6), going through a divorce from an abusive ex, being my own lawyer, and did it. I funded 95% of my education to a private college. Best Wishes.

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have you checked to see if your hospital offers any tuition assistance? i would not make it if mine didn't.

I would add that I did look into financial aid, state and federal. If you already have a Bachelors, you don't qualify for them anymore. I either have to get a loan, or find my own grants/scholarships. I will check with the school to make sure, but I don't recall them telling me anything about it.


p.s. I am male, btw. I don't think I'd pose as a women and/or Australian to try to get a grant.=)

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Search for federal grant money, specifically the PELL grant. You have to apply early however. I went my whole 5 years of college on the PELL grant. It was called the BEOC back then but it is still available under the PELL name.

one has to qualify for the pell grant though, based on income, right? the lower the income, the better for one

I don't know how many states are still doing it, in the current economic conditions, but quite a few states used to offer special Scholarship/grant programs specifically to encourage people to go into nursing. Have you checked on whether your state has something like that?

Because I already have a Bachelors, I don't qualify for Pell Grants either.


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