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I have a friend who finished LPN school a while ago and hasn't been able to pass NCLEX and now has been out of real like practice in hospital. Is there any "refresher" course that has simulations that could help her refresh her skills and the critical thinking basics of NCLEX--like always check the ABCs first even if the patient has a stubbed toe?

A refresher is probably not what she needs to pass NCLEX. She needs to study content and possibly improve test taking skills. A review course might be helpful and you/she could look if there are either any available online or in your area.


Has 9 years experience.

well first I would recommend to not always think ABCs because that is no longer the answer for things like it used to be. I would say a content review might be helpful - I used remar for content review, did not care for the questions or anything else as much. I then used Mark Klimek to help refresh/learn what I need to know for NCLEX - as far as what I used for questions....ArcherReview is the best. Similar to UWorld which everyone still hears as "the best" but I would go with archer for sure. It's much much cheaper, I liked the content and rationales better also. You do not need a miracle to pass - you just have to be above average and Mark Klimek reviews that and honestly that was an eye opener for me and really helped me to not feel so stressed. Seeing people averaging 50ish% on UWorld or archer and then passing NCLEX also helped.....you can do it !! Refresh your content, listen to those audios and start working on prep questions with ArcherReview you can do it !!