Looking to relocate to central Vermont, concerned about pay/working conditions

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I am a RN BSN with 4 years experience in step downs, med/surg, and charge experience. What kind of pay and working conditions can I expect at Copley Hospital and Central Vermont Medical Center. Any information would be a great help in planning move. thanks.

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I worked at Central Vt hospital. I enjoyed it very much. We didn't have a union but our pay was decent and the benefits great. I enjoyed all the people I worked with, and all the people in the other depts. And when I was a patient three different times, I had a wonderful stay. I think there is a lot of the same "stuff" no matter where you go, but it is a nice place to work. Copley is a smaller hospital. I don't know too much about it, but I know a lot of the nurses like working there.

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I just wanted to follow up. I don't see a lot of responses. Not sure if that's good or bad. I am also interested in moving to Vermont and am wondering about wages, working conditions, etc. I know a few people say that they work in VT and commute to New Hampshire to work @ Dartmouth. I'm kindof just starting to research the area and wish I knew EXACTLY where I wanted to live. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Acourser, did you ever start working there? Wondering how things went.

Hi OP! The vermont thread isn't usually well read :D but I may be able to help. Central VT would be tough, in that you mainly have Copley and CVMC to choose from. Copley is quite small, so I'm not sure if they have many openings. If you can stand a somewhat longer drive, I would look into jobs in the Burlington area (FAHC, a few rehabs here and there). Is there any particular reason that it must be Central VT, like a hubby's job or kids? Take a look at Waterbury for a place to live. Sits right in between Burlington and Montpelier/Barre. But I don't consider myself an expert....I will be a new grad soon so I don't know much about the VT job market/pay/conditions. I used to live in the Burlington area, and I miss it every day! Best of luck to you :D

I second the post about commuting from VT to NH. DHMC is very well known and a lot of Vermonters commute there, we also have Alice Peck Day Hospital, and a large VA. Hanover NH and Norwich VT are one school district. Just across the river from each other :)

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