Looking for a PD once a week job so I can be a stay at home mom.

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Is it possible to find a job where I can work once a week with minimal weekends and holidays (like one weekend day a month or 2 every 6 weeks) and after orientation be able to work once a week without prior experience in that job? I have 5 years of CVPCU experience and 1 year of per diem ER experience. I really like the ER but they would like me to work 2-3 shifts a week to gain experience and I'm not going to be ready for that kind of time commitment for years (until my daughter and future 2nd child are in school). Any ideas? I was thinking home care maybe, I love the idea of the flexibility and feeling free of hospital walls. One thing I don't want to do is go back to floor nursing. HELP!

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It all depends on the policy of the place you work for and who is willing to hire you.

I work per diem about once a week, and devote the rest of my week to childcare and homemaking. To get where I am, I worked full time for several years in the same department I am now per diem in.

If I were to switch specialties, for example, go to L&D, I doubt I would get hired per diem. To serve my patients well, I would need to have enough expertise that full-time experience brings.

If you are not ready to invest the time to retrain in another specialty, then find per diem work where you have the experience.

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^^^ Says it all. No substitutes.

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My coworker was telling me just yesterday that she used to substitute for the school nurses. You couldn't ask for better hours!


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If you have some ED experience, you're actually a good candidate for private duty- esp. with a peds client. There are tons of kids out there with trachs and g-tubes who qualify for nursing care a couple days per week.

My agency does not staff but a select few cases on holidays- in other words, most of us aren't ALLOWED to work holidays, and PRN people have NO weekend commitment either. I work a home care case as my second job and it is completely up to me how much I work. The pay is substantially less than I make at my urban hospital job, of course, but I love the low-stress, casual atmosphere.

I work in my street clothes, love the family I have and it's closer to my home than my 'regular' job. Report lasts about two minutes and I'm out the door.

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