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Need to fulfill the Microbiology requirement for Accelerated BSN schools. Anyone have any suggestions for a good (not expensive) ONLINE course with lab and also great instructor? Looking for a course that is not too intensive and totally online as I will have 2 other courses Spring 2018 (1 with a lab) to finish my undergrad degree. Would be willing to take over Christmas break into Jan also. Don't want to break the bank either....

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I've never heard of a fully online microbiology class. It has a lab component that absolutely cannot be done online, so you're going to have to take an actual class somewhere. A lot of community colleges offer hybrid courses (class online, lab on-site) that aren't crazy expensive.

I would do a community college hybrid, too. Microbiology is (IMO) intensive - in a good way. It was a lot of fun and one of the few classes I really think should be taken in person.

Good luck.


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Many schools won't accept online labs. Be sure to check with an admissions advisor at schools you are interested in.


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I found community college as the cheapest option for this course. Hello instate tuition. Everything else I'm searching online.

California community colleges are as cheap as $45 a credit hour. That's where I'm digging.

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When I was in my BSN program many students did their chemistry and microbiology classes online at Clovis College which was in New Mexico I believe Very easy and you can do it in your home and is accredited. Check it out! I took my Microbiology class with lab and it transferred into my BSN and MSN program at Edukan


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I almost enrolled at New Mexico Junior College but decided that I needed the classroom experience instead. If you're dead set on it, check them out. After taking Micro, I would not recommend taking it online. It's a lot of info that's not easy to understand on your own.


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Check out Ocean County Community college in nj. They offer an online microbiology class with lab.


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Thanks for your info! I found an online class through Portage Learning (Geneva College, Beaver, PA) that schools will accept. It has online course with lab. And very reasonable!!! I can take it anytime, no books or microscope to purchase and work at my own pace so I will be doing the class during my Dec/Jan break.

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Don't know if it will be acceptable for your BSN, because it's a 200-level class, but I did my microbiology plus lab 100% online with Rio Salado in Arizona. Not sure of fees for out of state, you'd have to check.

Whoever said that you cannot take the lab portion of micro online is 100% wrong. I took all of my Science prerequisites online at New Mexico junior college and it's about $75 a credit. A four credit class with the fees was around $400. I took anatomy and physiology one and two, general bio and then Microbiology. ALL with labs and ALL online. The courses were informative, they weren't that hard as long as you kept up with work. I took them in eight week courses instead of 16 week, because that works better for me. You do the labs at home and you take photos and document it. I recommend everybody to go to that college as you will not find anything cheaper for prerequisites.