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Hi all nurses,

I am New RN licensed (June 2014) with Associated Degree and is looking for job and can not find it. In school, we were told that there is a shortage in Nursing but what I am seing is the opposite. Almost all jobs posting required expericiences and BSN. I want to know if there will be a change to find a RN job with my associated degree or to go back to school for a BSN with intention that It will open the door for my dream Job, RN.

Anyone's advices or suggestions about how to get the first job will be apreciated.


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Unfortunately, NYC is very competitive for new grads. There are many, many nursing schools and this creates a surplus of new grads for the amount of jobs that are open to accepting a new graduate. It's too bad your school wasn't more open about the reality of NYC right now. Also, most hospitals will only take BSN's. So, definitely, get your BSN! Even after getting your BSN, it's difficult...sorry to sound discouraging! Don't give up; there are options. Think about "alternative" places of employment: nursing homes, clinics, assisted living, etc. Once you have your BSN and experience, things will be much better!

In the meanwhile, the Job Search is a lot less painful if you're open to Upstate and out of state. So, if this is an option, look into it. Also, if you have to stay in NYC, network, network, network. You will need to get your BSN, but a lot of it is who you know. I wish you the best of luck!


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Leave NYC


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Find a small home health agency and start there.

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Be open to move to other cities, or states. Best wishes to you!!


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Thanks everyone for your response.

I am opened to any position and anywhere, that include upstate NY or out of state as mentioned by EKRN2014, but it is still difficult to get the job. I went to many job fair and the same thing I heard is "We do not hired new graduates" so who does????? I will continue to apply on online, job sites, and agencies even though I know that I have a little chance to get one. I will definitely go back for BSN, however, I need to be financially secured because even with BSN, the job is not guaranteed (another debts).

Again thanks everyone for your contribution.


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There is a thread about relocating to Wyoming, try to find it if you are willing to relocate.


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If you want to stay in NY, then focus your job applications on the more rural hospitals. I never had luck with the Albany hospitals, for example, even though other people say they do get back to eventually. Here's a link to every hospital in New York State: Hospital. I went to the hospital websites and applied directly to many. I have heard it helps if you call the HR for Upstate hospitals to follow up on your application and express your interest (something that didn't work for me in NYC). Be ready to give an explanation as to why you want to leave NYC and work at their hospital (lower living expenses, hospital's reputation, etc). This is how I got my job (BSN but no prior clinical experience).

Good luck again!

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I'm in the same position too. I can't find job in NYC. It's hard. If I work in a nursing home and get my bsn