looking for a LPN to RN program in West Virginia


I also am interested in furthering my career in nursing. I am looking for a LPN to RN program in West Virginia or a online program that is WV BON. Any suggestions?


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Have you looked into Excelsior College's distance-based LPN-to-RN program?


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Mountain State University has an LPN-BSN program. "Google" the website. I think it's 5 or 6 semesters and you only go 1-2 nights a week. One of the float nurses where I work mentioned the school. There is also a posting on this site that talks about Mountain State U in WV.


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I thought about Mountain State University, but I live in Branchland Wv. This school would be some distance for me. I also have looked into Excelsior College. I heard that this college is not BON accredited. Does Mountain State have a online LPN to RN bridge program?



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Need to know if Excelsior is acceptable for the WV board of nursing? (LPN to assoc. RN). In a panic- please help!!!!

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