Looking for input on concerns about career change to nursing.

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Hi all -

I am a career changer, leaving a 7 year career in business at age 32, and starting nursing school pre-reqs. The business environment hasn't been a great match for me - loooong hours, public speaking, politics & having to be persuasive just doesn't feel natural to me at all. Plus, I have a deep desire to help people in a more direct way. I have been thinking about nursing on & off for 10 years, talked to lots of nurses about the career, shadowed nurses & am currently volunteering at a hospital helping nurses. All of this has been a really positive experience for me. For some reason, I feel so drawn to it & have for so long. I'm afraid if I don't act on it, I'll regret it one day. But, I'm still filled with fear about the change... I was hoping there may be some insight for other nurses about these concerns.

* I see a lot of posts about what a negative experience some have in nursing on this site. It's discouraging to me. I'm afraid I'll invest lots of time & money into this, only to find I'm in a worse place, regretting walking away from my current very lucrative career. I guess I can cross that bridge if I get there, but still a nagging fear. (I'm also afraid I'll regret it if I don't go for it! So feeling a little damned if I do, damned if I don't.)

* I am trying to get away from the stress of my previous career.... but I know that nursing is also very stressful - but do any nurses or nursing students think that some people are better suited for the type of stress you face in nursing?

* I am also wanting to start a family - this will be happening while I'm working on this. I know it's totally doable, but also pretty scary to think about.

* I'm an introvert & find tons of interaction with people draining. I'm worried that might make me a bad match for nursing.

All the things that seem perfect for me about the career are:

- helping people

- tons of learning (Learning seems to be a huge part of my job satisfaction actually)

- potential for flexible scheduling

- lots of areas to work in, potential for change

- growth potential with advanced degrees

- job security (after work experience)

- I read through nursing text books & I REALLY want to learn the material

I guess it just feels like I'm decided to swim up stream all of a sudden & it feels scary. Maybe I am looking for a pep talk - haha. And maybe someone to confirm some of my fears are totally valid & worth more consideration.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to reading any potential insights.


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You're planning on starting a family while going to nursing school?

You might want to post some of these questions in the pre-student/student forums. I won't lie, right now is a tough time to get a job in nursing. It's possible things will get better, but I'm not confident.

I'm in a similar situation. Currently in a lucrative, 6 figure career. Going back to school for nursing. The thing is it is the only thing that feels right to me. It is scary to think that I am leaving a career with a ton of job security to go to enter a new career right now. I'll figure out what to do when I get to the point of finding a nursing job though. I've played it safe for years, I am ok with taking this risk.


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The grass is not greener in nursing right now. I'm afraid that you will invest a lot of time,money, and sacrifice for nothing.

The Business world keeps their eyes on profit. To get the most out of few for the least amount of money. The things you listed used to be but not any more. Big business is in the driver seat now. Nurses, new ones and old ones, are a dime a dozen now. In 40 years in this business, I went for someone that made a difference to a pill pusher. It hurts. Knowing you can help someone but that damn med cart is in your way. God help you if you are late with the pills and forgetting the paperwork is a mortal sin. The patient can die, that's OK. The bloody paperwork not done you are condemned to Hell forever. I maybe wrong. You may luck out and when you finish school the nursing field will be wide open. Who knows? If you want to take a chance, go for it.

well as for me i would say go for it, if you have the heart and the passion to love what you are doing as a nurse you're not gonna regret taking the risk for a career change. as far as building a family well i don't have any idea but good for you, so Good Luck with your decisions and best wishes.

I would be cautious about making any big changes -- the things you identify as not liking about your current career ("loooong hours, public speaking, politics & having to be persuasive just doesn't feel natural to me at all") are also all true of nursing (and then some!) Also, as you observe, "tons of interaction with people" is the norm for most nursing positions and it can be v. draining for a serious introvert.

Also, as already noted, the job market is nearly as bad in nursing right now as it is for everything else, and no clue of when that might be changing. New grads, in particular, are often having a v. hard time finding work once they finish school (look at all the posts just on this site from people who graduated a year ago or longer, and are still looking for a first job).